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Sunday, April 18, 2010

More odds and ends

Today was one of those that consisted of just trying to do odd things to get bigger projects completed. The guys made all the trim and finishing pieces for the summer kitchen today. We had lots of scrap lumber and made good use of it. The lumber was all cut on the table saw and run thru the planer and then thru the router to make the molding and baseboards. Then I painted all of it a light beige color to coordinate with the wall board. It will look really nice when it gets installed.
Earlier in the day I went to the old farm house and spent some time there just thinking and organizing things a bit. It was one of those days when you dont want to spend too much time thinking about things, like your childhood. My dad has been gone 6 years as of last Friday and it seems like only yesterday. But he is finally at rest, and I wait my turn. Dad always said the older you get the more difficult things become. And dang I know now what he was talking about. The older I get the more I see me being like him. He was one to always stand on his own, never asking anyone for anything, dealing with his own burdens as they came, relying on God and his own hard work to get him through. A fine man that passed down that strength and will to me. For this I am thankful. It has kept me sane through some trying times in life.
After I came back to the house I went to the greenhouse to water the plants. Repotted some of them that were growing slow in the peat pellets and brought the leeks up to transplant. Well thats when I started painting trim pieces and didnt get time before dark to plant the leeks so thas a task for tomorrow among about 10 others. Now I need to get another propane tank to use in the greenhouse tonight for heat with temps predicted in the low 30's again and for several more nights. All of a sudden I am behind and have things to do backed up around the corner. Oh well thas the story of my life. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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