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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still at it

!. Pots with blueberries, rosemary and lavendar
2.Strawberries blooming
3.Stella d'Or lily and hydrangea that I thought was killed by chickens
4. the herb bed is coming back nicely chicks
6.pear tree in full bloom
7.basil, chamomile, and sage to be transplanted soon
8.plants in the greenhouse

We are still hard at work trying to get the kitchen done this week. And it got really hot here today as well. The thermometer on the back deck in the shade was on 90. The guys did most of the wiring today and at least it is sealed up with the door on and all if it does rain on Thursday. I just fetched water to the guys and played with the little chickens when I went back there. They are growing really well.
While they were working on the kitchen I cleaned the root cellar out. Yesterday I got all the jars washed off and nice an clean. They had developed some mold on the outside of the jars due to the humidity being so high and we probably dont have enough air movement through there. Then today I cleaned the floor and mopped it out with bleach water to try and keep the mold at bay. It looked really nice when I got finished. I found that I do have a lot of empty jars in there from all the canned stuff we have used over the winter. There is a double door storage cabinet in there that will go to the summer kitchen when it is done to make more room for shelves.
I got out and took some pictures today of the plants here that have budded out and flowered. I am thinking that tomorrow evening I will get some of my herbs transplanted into the herb bed so they can get took off good. If we get some rain on Thursday it will do them a lot of good. I just hope we dont get a late freeze and kill my pears again this year. I can see me out there covering the lil tree up with a sheet or something.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Great pics Stelly. Thank you for sharing them and your progress.


Robert said...

Is that a mill in the background of the pear tree?

stella said...

Hi Jen and thanks. We are making some progress around here.
No Robert that is the roof of the old log house you can see in the background of that pic. Thanks for visiting.