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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home again

I have made it home again after being gone for a few days. I feel like I have been in constant motion since last Wednesday. I got my buddy taken to re-hab to recover from his stroke and on my way home I stopped to check on him and he said he is making forward progress and they are letting him eat ice chips now, so thats a plus.
We had storms last night and are posed to have rain for several days now. Guess I will transplant things between rains.
I got to spend a couple days with my aunt Ann and help her out a little bit getting things done on her place. Got a gas range for my summer kitchen as well. Stopped on my way back and spent a couple nights with my friends Rosie and Sam at their place. I always enjoy time at their place. They always have babies of some sort to tend to. The little goats were so cute. One had to be bottle fed because his mom decided she didnt like em and wouldnt feed em.

Sure dont take these little critters long to learn that humans equal food. I think I will have some goats soon.
My friend Rosie and her hubby take such good care of their little ones, the animals really have a good life. This lil boy enjoys the special attention too.
I came home with a clutch of turkey eggs to hatch in the incubator as well. I set some green eggs in there with the turkey eggs so I will have a few chickens to lay colored eggs. They are pretty neat. So all the eggs are in the incubator now and we wait patiently.
I arrived home to find my summer kitchen even closer to completion. The counter tops are in, as well as the stove now. All we need is to hook it all up and get the plumbing in and be done.
I checked my plants in the greenhouse and they have grown a lot in 4 days that I was gone. I have a lot of stuff to transplant this week between rain showers. Rosie gave me a thornless blackberry plant, and some Rugosa roses that will be planted and I have herbs in the greenhouse that will be transplanted as well. Lots to do this time of year.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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