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Monday, November 29, 2010

I think we are officially empty nesters!

I guess that fact just occurred to me today after I had dropped Rob and Amoy off at Matt's house for their continued trip on to the airport. Both our kids are officially gone from home now. And they have been for a while. Dang I am getting slow in my old days. Technically we have been empty nesters for about 6 years. That was when Rob went off to college. Gosh how life changes as you get older. It is wonderful having lil people in the house and watching em grow up, then the first day of school, then off to college or away to a life of their own. I have to brag some here. I do have to say I have 2 wonderful sons, not the typical boys that worry their parents with all the things boys can get into, just 2 fine young men. Kinda makes you a lil proud and sad at the same time to know ya babies are all grown up. Sigh........its been great.
Any way, after I dropped off Rob and Amoy I had to make a stop at the big grocery store. And trust me I knew damn well better than to get anything that needed to be stored in the freezer. All 3 freezers are full to the gills. But bein a dumb ass I am, Kroger had Italian loaf bread on sale, the 10 for $10 deal, ya know I had to get some, but only 5. We really don't use that much bread. It was a challenge just getting that amount in the freezer. But my point is, every time I go to the store I get sticker shock. As you prolly already know we only grocery shop for things we need to stock up on about every 3 months or so. I found the price of sugar is way up, butter is out of sight, coffee is ridiculous, salt is about the same, and Pepsi products are too pricey. But if ya have an addiction ya in real trouble. I was by myself and had time to just plunder the isles of the store a bit and look at "things". Ya know, I didn't see many things that I need or want that I cant make myself. I did look at canned veggies and fruit. How the hell do people live that don't raise this stuff? Not to mention the low quality of store bought canned stuff as compared to home canned. It scares me to think how the other half lives.
I do have to tell ya, Rob and Amoy will be moving into a house this coming week and they are all excited about planting a lil garden stuff in the back yard where the property owner was starting a garden. What ever they raise will be a big savings on the grocery bill. They are talking about getting a small freezer too, which will help a lot. I am glad some of his raising has sank in.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

The grocery store used to be my favorite place to shop. Now I get only the bare minimal things. And I love it!

Alot of folks just don't have the time or the space and I suppose we are lucky that we do, huh?

The other half...that was cute!

I am sure you raised two very fine boys! I can tell you are really proud of them and I hope they find a good woman like you too!

Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

We are down to the last out of 4 at home. She's only a freshman so I have a few more years. I am kind of dreading it. My whole goal in life was to be a mom. I know I will always be one, but it won't be the same...

small farm girl said...

Now you can run naked through your house!!! lol. I understand completely what you mean about the grocery store. It is getting so expensive! My garden didn't do anything this year and now I'm paying for it.

Deb said...

Oh how I long to be an empty nester! All mine keep coming back! Congrats to Rob and Amoy! Bacon here is on sale for $12.99 for 3 pounds. Jeesh.

stella said...

Thanks apple pie gal, i am thinkin good girls are hard to find, ROb has a really nice girlfriend, I think Jason gave up after his divorce. lol He dont want one, says they nag too much. lol
H<J<F<farm I only had 2 and thought I had my hands full, bless you.
SMF yeas run thru the house nekkid can be done now. lol Only if I know the oldest is at work, he still lives here on the farm, just not with us.
Deb I understand the coming back thing. I swear babies are not attached by umbilical cords but by bungee cords. lol But thas ok too.
Damn and I do lke bacon. Glad I got petunia to butcher.