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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Im finally motivated

I think I have finally gotten motivated to get some things done that are on my to-do list. Earlier this fall we harvested our cushaws and stored them in the cellar. A few days ago I went out to get something from the cellar for dinner and noticed my they were not keeping well. I had already lost several of my butternut squash to rot. I decided to just can them instead of letting them rot. Several weeks ago I had invited Rodgers mom to come up and spend some time with us. She called on Monday and ask when I would like her to come and I told her anytime she wanted. She got here Monday evening and is going to stay to help butcher chickens this weekend. She and I used to spend lots of time together and were really close till they moved to Florida and then back to Kentucky in another town. Then life got in the way, we both worked and never got a chance to get together. Now she is retired, finally, and I can be home all the time so this has been good. I do hope that I can be as good a mother-in-law as I have been blessed with. But before momma got here I had made my to-do list that I had been talking about. Dang it is getting longer as I go. So today Barbara and I got out and canned the cushaw so it don't waste. We ended the day with 14 quarts of canned cushaw cubes. Now all I need is a good recipe for pumpkin soup. The two can be used interchangeably. Maybe tomorrow we can make some pumpkin butter and get that canned as well. This will have to happen after I get back from town. I have to take my truck to the garage to get some work on it tomorrow. The weather was nice to be out today with lots of sunshine and warm temps. Although it is supposed to get colder this weekend in time for opening day of modern gun season for deer. Next week I will be going to western Kentucky to help my aunt cook for the hunting lodge that she is operating out there. She is real short on help and I do need and would like to visit with her a bit before bad weather and the holidays. All of a sudden my schedule got filled till early December. I have to wonder what will keep me busy the rest of the winter. Maybe some of those things that I have wanted to learn.We will see.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

OK! Thats it! And I rekin she's sleepin in MY bed too?

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Uh-Oh Deb! Sounds like you better get back there and re-stake your claim! I am sure Stella wouldn't mind!

Hey Stella, can you send some motivation my way? Thanks darlin'!

stella said...

HI yall, lol deb ya alas got a bed here and ya know it. that end of my house is gettin kinda like a hotel. lol next one in there will be Rob and Amoy next weekend.
Heck I have run out of motivation again gal, i used to think posting on my blog motivated me to at least do SoME thing so I would have something to talk about here. Well sometimes that works, most times not. lol