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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The daily life

Daily life can get hectic at times on the farm. Especially when things get put off and then you end up trying to beat the winter that is fast approaching. The guys worked all day and when they got home they got started picking corn. I had suggested earlier in the week that it really needed to be done before the rainy season sets in. So in the evenings they would go out to get all the equipment ready and in place. Finally the corn picking started this evening. Rodger got one wagon loaded and will be taking the other wagon to the field to pick the rest or he will need to unload the wagon and just re-use the same one. But the job is getting done. Rodger has taken a day off work to help butcher the chickens tomorrow and that will start in the morning. I still wont be butchering all of them as they still are not as big as they need to be. I will not be ordering chickens ever again to raise this late in the year. The cool weather really slows them down. I think I will be at least getting 20 or so of them taken care of. Then make stock and can it up. Rodger will help with this project and after we get this done he and Jason can finish getting the corn in. This corn is also used for our cornmeal so I will pick out the ears that are to be shelled for that and bag it up. I intend to shell enough to make hominy as well.  Our corn crib is not squirrel proof so if I don't get our eatin corn out soon the critters will have my share and then some. We have the crib lined with wire but it has some places where they have gotten the wire loose and can invade. And what squirrels don't eat they pee on and makes it useless to me as corn meal or stock feed. But that is life on the farm. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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