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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life away from the homestead

Sometimes you have to be away from your own homestead to get a clear picture of how good you really have it. As I have posted before I have been across the state visiting and helping my aunt this past week. It has really been a lot of hard work cooking for a large group of hungry hunters. But it is also very satisfying to see them leave with a good hot meal and having had a good time hunting and visiting. I have had a chance to learn to prepare larger dishes than what even I normally do. My aunt and uncle, Ann and Lewis Drake have several businesses that they operate here in the area and online. The major business is their gun business which deals in antique and collectible fire arms. They also have some really nice hand made furniture that they sell on their website as well. You can see all that here at . Then Uncle Lewis' daughter who maintains the website also has her own jewelry business. Lissa makes beautiful custom silver jewelry. Her jewelry can be seen here on her website at . She has some really pretty jewelry that is reasonably priced just in time for the holidays. So if you have a hunting enthusiast or jewelry lover on your list, have a look at all the cool things both sites offer.
My aunt also runs a hunting lodge and does the cooking for the hunters during the deer hunting seasons here. A local guide service houses hunters in her lodge but if you are hunting in the area you can contact her directly and reserve a room here. I do know the food is great, not just because I helped this year but she is also a great cook and believes in making sure you leave with a full belly. You can email her at the and make your request known.
As for me, this chick will be heading off on Monday to my homestead and on the way picking up my youngest son Rob and his gal Amoy to have them home with us for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am really looking forward to seeing them for a while as they are still living in Nevada. I talked to Rodger yesterday and he said my Cornish cross were not ready to butcher yet so he was going hunting in Scott county with Josh this weekend and Jason was hunting on the farm. So I will be butchering chickens the weekend after Thanksgiving. And we will have our Thanksgiving dinner that weekend as well. So I still have lots to do when I go home before I can hibernate for the winter. Later in December we will be butchering Petunia. After that hopefully I can hole up at home and not have to go anywhere else. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road.



Mallory said...

Hey Stella!!! Just wanted to say thanks for such great hospitality at the barn :) It was great getting to spend some girl time with you at the dinners :) You have a great blog- Im pretty far behind you when it comes to blogging...I will try to catch up! Keep in touch :) Mallory

stella said...

HI Mallory, it was so nice to meet you as well. I read some on your blog and looked at the pics, that lil girl is beautiful. Such beautiful family there. Did you all get a deer?
Gosh dinners lol I had to come home and left poor Ann to do all the cooking till the end of the season.I did have the prep work done for her to hold her thru the holiday. And she called me to see how i did my turkey when she was doing hers so it wouldnt be dry lol
Yes please keep in touch.