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Friday, November 5, 2010

Just doin what I do best

And that amounts to nothing. I got up earlier than normal this morning and got out in hopes of getting some things done outside. But dang a gal has to have her coffee before all this happens. So I had my cup o coffee, I am down to 1 now, not sure why. Then went out to feed the chickens and give them water. Gosh they do drink a lot. And when they drink a lot they also poop a lot. All this keeps their bedding wet if I don't put fresh hay in there every day. By time I get them all butchered off the bedding will be a good foot or more thick. I guess that will all get put on the garden spot so it can break down over winter. But that is gonna be a week or so. I had intended to butcher this weekend but dang it the chickens are not as big as I want them. So I am gonna wait another week and let em grow some more. With the weather being cooler they use a lot of their food to produce body heat to stay warm and don't make meat as quickly. But thas OK, next weekend is good too. Although we did get out scalding kettle set and filled with water this evening, I will just cover it and it will be ready to go next week.
Rodger stopped and got a small electric heater to put out in the summer kitchen to keep it toasty when I do have to get out there and work. Early next week I am going to make my annual supply of hominy and get it canned up. It is rather easy to do just takes a lil time is all. But it sure turns out tasty. While I was out I got the coolers all cleaned up and ready to use or store. It was really too dang cold to be messing in cold water outside but I thought it should be done today. I think I should have picked a warmer day. All the patio chairs are cleaned and stacked to be covered for winter. Once the chairs were out of the way I took down the gates from the front porch and let Luna come on the porch so she isn't sleeping on the cold wet ground. She has one of those really nice igloo style dog houses and will not, no way, no how go in there. Talk about a waste of money. In summer we don't let her on the porch because we do sit out there some and after I took the gates down she didn't want to come on the porch. I had to do a lot of begging to get her to come up and lay on the rug I put there for her. I think I need to hit a yard sale and find a few old quilts to put out for her this winter so she can have a nice warm bed. Last year she had a shoulder injury and the vet said it was a tear in the cartilage and from time to time she limps really bad. Maybe sleeping off the ground will help that a lil bit too. I feel so bad for her when she limps around, ya would think she was old. But I can sure relate to sore achy joints. Last time I was at the doc they changed my arthritis medicine and the med seemed to work well it just made me sick. So that one is a no go. I am pretty sure that is why I was sick for so long with nausea. The only other alternative is to not do any thing physical. And I really don't see me doing that. So I guess I will just have to pay the price in pain and soreness everyday.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Mmm...hominy! I love it! Can't wait to hear about that!

stella said...

Hey Gal, i love hominy too. I have made it before and still have a few jars canned. I just need to can more to restock my supply while we have the corn. It is really simple to make too.