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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election day,our corn is ready

It has been election day here and yep I did get out and vote. So I guess that gives me the right to complain about our elected officials. Some of the offices in our county were unopposed and some I just as soon have voted "none of the above". I am not sure that any candidate that I have heard about has told the truth about anything. Seems all they try to do is belittle their opponent just to try and make themselves look better. I sure would not make a good politician. I really don't think many changes will take place in our local offices but not sure about state wide. Many we just need to vote in a new crook to see if they can do better.
The weather was nice today when I was out but they are giving colder temps and maybe some rain later this week. The cold I can live without. When I went out to vote and pulled into the parking spot at the polls my truck was acting odd as far as brakes. Then I heard a hissing noise when I got out and thought 'oh great, a nail in a tire'. But when I came out it had stopped so that kinda clued me in that it was not a tire but instead my brake system. I took it to have it checked out and was tole that it may possibly be a wheel bearing. And that really didn't sound cheap. So I go back later this week to get that fixed. Dang it is alas something. Not that I drive that much but I do like the fact that I have a vehicle IF I decide to go somewhere.
I limped the truck back home and went into the field to pick some corn to take to Petunia. Our corn is ready to pick. Nice and dry, shells easy and I gave the hog some and she liked it. Most of em will eat new corn better than anything else. So later this week I might go back and pick some more and shell it for her. The guys really need to get the corn picker ready and get the corn in before the fall rainy season starts. This same corn will be our corn for cornmeal too. And heaven knows we use a good deal of that.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Deb said...

Some of that fine Kentucky cornmeal is really being enjoyed down here in Mississippi! I had only had store bought cornmeal before and now I'm spoiled. I rekin I'll have to buy a grinder now cause there's no going back! Don't forget those sunflowers, Stella.