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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gosh its been a while

It has been 4 days since I last posted on my blog. And that is not like me at all. No I didn't skip the country or run away from home. As a matter of fact I finally got back to my house on Monday evening around 9 pm. I left my aunts house in western Kentucky and stopped of in Lexington to pick up Rob and Amoy to bring them here for the Thanksgiving holiday. When we got home Rodger and Jason had gotten all the deer skinned out and ready to be trimmed up and put in the freezer. So I came home to find 6 huge pans full of deer meat in the summer kitchen. And dang that was a lot of deer meat to work up. I am guessing around 350 lb or more after it was all trimmed and packaged. So I got started on that Tuesday morning. Rob and Amoy had to go to Richmond to take care of some unfinished business from their old place. I trimmed deer meat. I really didn't know I had that much stuff in my freezers. While I was in western Kentucky the local Kroger store had turkeys on sale for 37cents per lb and I got 2 big ones. I intend to smoke the legs off them later and save the breast to roast. But I had forgotten that Rodger and Jason both got a turkey and a ham each from their company. So I now have 4 turkeys and 2 large country hams in the freezers plus 2 turkey breast that I had gotten on sale earlier. Well this is all good except for one thing. I didn't have room for the deer meat. Not to mention I still have 30 more chickens to butcher this weekend. So Rodger and Jason had to make a quick run late this evening to Richmond to buy another freezer. I sure had not planned on that. And we still have Petunia to butcher in late December. But this is a good thing, at least we have meat in the freezer that will last us a year or more. Tomorrow we will finish grinding the deer burger and get it frozen. Then I need to cook something to take to the family Thanksgiving dinner at Rodger's sisters house. Again I think I need to clone me to get all this done. As of right now we will be butchering chickens on Friday. They are huge now and will make great birds to do in the rotisserie. I just hope the weather is nice and not cold like they are predicting it to be. Nothing like trying to cut up chicken with frozen hands.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

That's an awesome take on the deer! Do you make breakfast sausage? I'd love to hear about that if you do!!

Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

We got two deer to put in our freezer (here on the southern Oregon Coast they aren't real big though), plus our pig, then in December we are getting half our bottle calf (we did the bottle raising then he went out to a friends pasture so we are splitting him), plus I have 17 plus gallons of goats milk for possible bottle calf or lamb, plus zucchini and applesauce. I was worried about our freezer space too. I posted on facebook we were looking for a cheap used one and got one for free. Who say's that social networks are worthless? Bet it feels great to have the freezers full. I know it does to me!

stella said...

Ya know I have never made breakfast sausage from deer meat, but if the guys get more deer in december during black powder hunt I might try it, an summer sausage too, love those things.
I dont think i want to buy another freezer. I would have canned some of this deer but dang i just did not have time. It needed to be taken care of and there was so much of it. we had 45 lb of jus burger and we make as much as possible into steaks, roast and stew meat as possible.