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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting ready...........

Not a lot gets done when ya cant get motivated around here. But at least I did get out today and get a few more of the outside things done that needs to be done while the weather is nicer. It was cold today but not bad. Good sweatshirt weather although I did have on sandals. But thas just me having a hard time wearing shoes. Rodger and Jason did get the cover on the water pump house today so it don't get rained in. While they did that I got the corn crib cleaned out and ready for the corn. It needs to be picked like now. While I was out I got the heirloom sweet corn that I had saved for seed shelled off the put away for gardening time. The earlier part of the day was spent trying to get hunting rifles sighted in and ready for deer hunting. Opening day is next Saturday here and they will be hunting the farm opening weekend. Sure will be nice to have a good stock of meat in the freezer. Venison is as good as beef as far as we are concerned. And with the price of beef going out of sight I think there will be more deer hunters in the woods this year. I get sticker shock every time I go into a grocery store these days. With all the news online and on TV all saying the same thing I sure hope people have taken this as a warning and have a well stocked pantry. With grain crop harvest low this year and demand higher it makes the growers have to pay more for the feed to feed to animals that we eat which in turn drives the prices way up. I do wish I could get some people here to understand the need to be able to provide all our own meats and veggies. I know my dads family survived on this farm during the depression years and I feel we could do the same if we make every effort to be more self sufficient. With winter coming on heating bills will take a bug chunk of the budget and leave less money for food in lots of households. We do pay like everyone else to heat but then again we dont have to have a big grocery budget. For this I am thankful. But things happen from time to time that need to be paid for such as my truck needing some minor repairs that I have had to put off. Seems like when it rains it pours. OK off my rant now.
I think I had posted earlier this year about taking our dog to the vet because she was limping in her front leg. He tole us it was because the Great Pyrenees grow so fast that it makes the cartilage weak in their joints. From time to time she will do something to make it flare up again. That's what she did last week. When she was at the vet he just gave her pain meds and mineral supplements to take. So I had Rodger pick up a bottle of children's liquid ibuprofen for her. I have been giving her that for a couple days now and she does seem to be less sore. I am sure it also helped that she is not sleeping out on the ground now. She has a spot on a rug on the front porch to sleep. Last year I had bought her an igloo style dog house and she will not go in there for love nor money. So I have a new dog house, un-used sitting under the front porch that I should get rid of. Would be nice if I could find someone who would be willing to build me a real doghouse out of plywood in trade for this one. Probably wont find any takers on that tho.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Grocery prices are awful! I hope the guys get deer. Its great that you farm fer yer veggies. That is money in yer pocket. I sure do hope po ol' Luna gits over this pain. ~'jenny'

Deb said...

Last week I saw bacon for $17 for 3 pounds! I sure am glad I canned a lot! And I sure agree on the growing of your own grains too. Half of Mississippi will be growin Boone's County White thanks to you!

Gracie said...

The other day heard someone say as they were leaving a grocery, can you believe they want $7.00 for a Red Baron's frozen pizza? Unbelievable!

Was just wondering, maybe, could you build Luna a cozy warm dog house. Just seems if you built it for her, she would be more apt to sleep in it, dunno though, just a thought FWIW. Sure do hope the inflammation passes soon, so she can enjoy the crisp, fall weather.

small farm girl said...

Funny how prices of beef keeps going up at the stores. The prices that the farmer gets at the cattle sales are down. That's just wrong.

stella said...

Hi yall, kinda makes ya wonder who is really making the money in the food industry. I know it is not the grower. I am so so very thankful that we can grow lots of our own here.
Luna is all but well today, running and playing like she has never had a pain. Same as last time, about 3 days of ibuprofen and she is good to go.
Deb I am goin to aunties in west Ky next week and I have left orders that I want this corn picked by time I get home. I wont her here to give out any other orders. lol