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Sunday, November 14, 2010

We are getting rain, deer season

We are finally getting a little rain now. Gosh it has been a really dry fall. But it did rain some last night and has been drizzly all day. At least it did settle the dust.
Yesterday was opening day of deer season here. Jason did get out to hunt but didn't get anything. Rodger went this morning in the rain and got a spike buck. They will hunt in the evenings this week while I am gone. I am going to western Kentucky to visit my aunt and help her at her lodge. She has a lodge that houses deer hunters from a guide service out there. She doesn't have any help and she prepares the evening meal for the hunters that are staying at her place. So I am leaving in the morning to go help her all week. I must be back at my house on Friday because the guys here will be hunting and I have to feed the critters. Jason said Petunia the hog is eating good and has gained some weight which is good. Not long till she will be in the smoke house too.
I was out today in the summer kitchen cleaning up from all the chicken mess from last week. I finally got my tobacco worm beans shelled out for seed. There are not a lot of em but I will have enough to plant. I do need to move my canned chicken out of the kitchen to the cellar before I leave tomorrow so it don't freeze if we get freezing temps while I am gone. And the counters need to be cleared so Rodger can process his deer for the freezer while I am gone. Not much else happening here on the homestead so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

You are one traviling woman! Have fun and don't work too hard!

Congrats on your deer hunt!!

stella said...

Hey gal, well I kinda got drug out here kickin and screamin. I really wanted to stay home and just BE home but auntie has no help cooking for the deer hunters in the lodge that she has. But I needed to come see here anyway.