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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Done picking corn, out to dinner

We finally got all the corn picked today and in the wagon. Well actually we filled the wagon the rest of the way up.
We still use the old type corn pickers and wagons then put the corn in a crib instead of combining it and storing shelled corn.

This is also corn for our corn meal and hominy. Probably a good 50 bushel or more on the wagon now. The guys had brought the wagon out to unload what they picked on Thursday evening and the grain conveyor would not work. It has some bearings that need replaced and will take a few days to get those ordered. So we decided to just load the wagon to the top and tarp it to keep the corn dry and let it set. I went to help Rodger hook the wagon and pick the corn. The way the picker loads it most of the corn ends up in the front of the wagon. If you dont stop and level it down the corn will roll off the front end. So I sat on top of the corn to keep it shoved to the back corners. I had made the mistake of going to the corn field in a tee shirt. In the process of moving corn while the picker dropped it in the wagon I got the shredded up corn husk all over me. And if you have ever had to pick corn by hand or be on the wagon while all that corn stuff blows around, then ya know what I am doing now. If the itching would stop I could assess the damage. I'm pretty sure by morning I will look like I have a bad case of mange. None the less the job got done, itches and all, and we got a heavy tarp over the load to keep it dry and the critters out. We can get it unloaded and in the crib as soon as we get the conveyor fixed and running.
After we got done with stuff here on the farm Rodger had planned on taking me to dinner at Red Lobster for our anniversary. After a shower we headed out to go eat. We had a nice dinner and my in-laws came to eat with us as the 16th is their anniversary. Back home with a full belly and I think I could sleep for a week. My body is sore from being beat around on the corn wagon today and I am sure that is gonna make for a long night plus itching. Then tomorrow is another day. I think I might sleep in if I dont itch to death while Rodger and Jason go deer hunting in the morning. We shall see. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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