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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uhoh!! I lost a day

Dang some how I lost a day this week. Not even sure how that happened. I just looked at the date on my computer and it is Thursday already. So I reckon I didn't post yesterday. O well!
Any way, as for today not much really happening in my world. Well except that I was really happy with the election results on a national level. I am so doing a happy dance that Nancy Pelosi lost her position. I am sure the country will be much better off without her liberal agenda. And I sure hope to hell someone teaches her how to apply lipstick so its not smeared all over the lower half of her face. Just further proof that you can not make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.
Speaking of pigs, ms Petunia doesn't like pig pellets. She much prefers scraps and corn to the good for her stuff that we wanted to feed her. But so far she is doing really well adjusting to her life of not having other critters eating her feed. Although I am sure she misses her cow and sheep friends.
I think I will only be butchering about 10 or 15 of the chickens this weekend as they are not quite big enough to suit me. They don't grow as fast in cooler weather due to the fact that they burn more energy trying to stay warm and less of the feed energy goes to making "chicken". So we will do the remainder next weekend hopefully. It is really hard to keep the building clean and dry with that many birds wanting to stay near the heat light and feed and water containers. I added more hay in there this evening to try to combat the moisture and hope they will have less manure on then when we do butcher. Yeah I know its a nasty job but gosh someone has to do it. Here it is November already and we still have lots of outside things to do. And the weather man is saying we might get a few snow flurries this weekend as well. It is supposed to get much colder too. Kinda makes me want to stay in the house and build a fire in the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Or at least something that will make me think I'm warm.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

We have to butcher more chickens sometimes soon also. I just keep putting it off. The video that you posted about butchering chickens was very helpful. I just wish we could do it as fast as you do. lol

Gracie said...

Gosh, you got quite a lot done, I hate to hear of Luna's injury, such things just shouldn't happen to good puppy dogs or good folks.
You just offered another reason to get some chickens, using the older stray to put on the garden, thank you! Am trying to convince my better half we really need a few, not making much head way, but still trying, lol!
Durn it, surely your doctor must have another medicine to help with the arthritis, that doesn't make you sick, sure do hope so, cuz to be busy doing all that needs done can be hard enough, without hurting while you're doing them.

stella said...

Hi yall, well no butcherin today. Dang it the chickens are not as big as I want them. THey grow slower in cool weather.But next weekend for sure. Got to, cost too much to feed em at this size.
Gracie my Luna is happier sleeping on the front porch on a rug and I know it will help her not be so sore. The vet said these dogs grow so fast that it makes the cartilage in the joints brittle and tear easily, he thinks thas her problem. So we give her liquid childrens ibuprofen and in a few days she will be good as new.