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Friday, October 23, 2009

Got a few things done

I managed even with the rain to get a few chores done outside today. My rosemary plants are in pots and in the house for the winter, as are the aloe. I also potted some of the chives and parsley and brought them in to see if they will do well in the house so we can have them fresh this winter. The day started out with rain and in early afternoon it was sunny and quite breezy. Just really nice to be outside. I sure hope the ground dries a little this weekend so I can mulch the asparagus bed and herbs for winter. I dug some horseradish today as well. And dang those roots are huge and very straight. Should make them easier to peel.
While I was away on vacation the guys got the solar panel installed on the root cellar so we now have solar lights in there. Those will come in handy if we need to use the cellar during storm season.
All and all it has been really quiet around here today. Jason, my oldest son is working again driving a truck so he is not here like usual. But he does call and email photos of where he is. Guess in a way I get to see the country from the windshield of a rig. Kinda cool eh?
Rob, my youngest called home today as well to see if I was back from vacation. Sure was wishing he and his girlfriend Amoy could come home this weekend to help butcher chickens. But they both have to work so that kinda leaves us to do the butchering ourselves. I have about 20 birds to butcher and can this weekend. Makes me tired just thinking about all that work. But it will sure be good when they are on the table. Maybe I will just get some sleep for now. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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