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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Done butchering

As of today I am done butchering chickens for the year. We got the dark Cornish roosters butchered today and I also butchered off my old laying flock of black australorps. There was a total of 16 birds. They were done laying and molting and the Cornish will be laying about the same time the australorps would have started back so they are headed for the stew pot. I am still pressure cooking some of the chicken parts for stock as I write this. Got one canner full done and strained and one cooking now. Am going to strain that one and put the stock in the refrigerator and can it tomorrow. I have my water bath canner full of the legs, thighs, and breast meat to can tomorrow also.
When I ordered the dark Cornish this year, I ordered 10 pullets and 25 straight run chicks. And of the straight run only about 10 were roosters. I guess if I had ordered just the 25 straight run I would have likely ended up with no pullets. But now I have too many. Such is my luck. So I think I will offer about 10 of the pullets for sale with one rooster. They are too good a bunch to butcher for meat. And besides I will have enough meat canned to do for quite some time. So I'm off to strain the stock and then hit the bed. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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