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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dang its been 3 days......

Goodness time flys as we get older. Its been 3 days since I have posted. Not that you missed anything tho. Nothing happening around the homestead right now. Nothing of any importance anyway.
On Sunday we finally got Rodger packed up an on his way for their hog hunting trip. He did call on Monday and they had safely arrived in Crockett Texas around 11 am. The rancher was coming to take them on a tour of the hunting area and they were gonna hunt last night I think. Supposedly wild hogs move around at night. Haven't heard from them today tho, so I have convinced myself they are resting in daytime and hunting at night. So maybe he will call later. The hogs wont eat em, the hogs wont eat em, the hogs wont eat em.................I keep telling myself. According to the weather channel there may have been some nasty weather passed thru their area today but should clear out tomorrow. We are posed to get wind and rain here. Well we are getting the rain now jus no wind yet. I just hope they have fun and a good hunt.
Back at home I was able to walk a lil bit better today and went out to see mom at the nursing home. She is still having a good deal of pain and they are giving her meds, she sees her doc on Friday and hopefully will get this problem taken care of.
While I was out I stopped by the store to pick up a 12 pk of Mt Dew for me and decided to tour the store and see what was available in the world out there. I went thru produce, nothing there that I needed, got better veggies canned at home, didn't need anything from the deli, we have meat at home. Walked thru the crackers and cookies, sure don't need anything there. I make better cookies and have the raw ingredients to do so. Then a quick pass thru the meat section. Oh my, how prices have gone up. Sure glad I got a variety of meat in the freezer too. Frozen foods section is nothing more than instant meals that I would not eat or veggies I already have at home. Canned foods, same thing. On past the dairy case, gosh, I need a cow. Butter is $4 a lb and cheese is ridiculous. I don't use a lot of cheese so its not a big problem till someone wants a cheese sandwich. I might use a gallon of milk per week an thas for coffee an cooking. Thru the flour, sugar aisle, didn't need any, for sure not at the prices local stores charge. And even cornmeal is pricey, but I got lots o that. Noodles I buy in bulk maybe once a year, same with macaroni and spaghetti then vacuum seal it at home for long term storage. But if this go really south I can make my own, I have flour an eggs and water. I left the store with my 12 pk addiction and some potato chips, an dang it those have doubled in price as of the past year. Reckon somebody else couldn't raise taters too.  I did glance at a few folks grocery carts in my trek thru the store and its sad to see what they are buying. Folks my age and older buying TV dinners, quick this, instant that, did the whole world go stupid and forget how to cook a simple meal. Geeeshh!!! So I smile to myself and walk on being so thankful for what we have.
After I got home I moved somethings around. Had some things in the kitchen that needed to be in the cellar, got out a jar of gumbo for my lunch tomorrow, checked on things in the summer kitchen, fed Luna and put out food for the cats. I got in my building looking for some seed flats to go get the soil to get my onion seeds started in. OK now I got the trays, I got the dirt in em, now am thinking they might need to be started in something a lil bit deeper so they can make good roots. Am thinkin I will call muh new fren Sheri and her hubby tomorrow and ask lots o questions bout onion seeds. See I tole ya I don't know how to do everything, yet. lol So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Wow, time home alone... how peaceful is that! And I'm sure (I hope) the hogs didn't eat 'em! I agree with store prices. I hate to go to the grocery store anymore for anything!

fivegirls said...

Sounds like heaven at your place -- reminds me of childhood, wish I could be there with you when the dirt gets warm enough to plant --Hope you are feeling better -would love to correspond directly if you need a pen pal -- Have a great day! karen

The Apple Pie Gal said...

We were supposed to go hog hunting in TX this year also, but time didn't allow. And I admit, I was a little afraid also. So your repeating fear was funny!

Hey, we all watched Old Yeller growing up!

Jen said...

Glad the guys made it out here safe and sound. I'm sure the cold snap that we(Texans)are having is no different than what yall get in Kentucky. It is fer us though cuz is C-O-L-D! Hope they have alotta fun.
Aint grocery trips sumthin'? I git sticker shocked every time I go. You are so blessed to raise/harvest most of yer food.
Post up on the advice you git about the onion seeds. ~ 'Jenny'