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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More yard work, things are coming up

The weather here was so nice to day, almost spring like. Sunny with a lil breeze. I think I even broke a sweat a few times. I started out putting the trellis up higher on the cellar wall for the thornless blackberry to climb on and pruned the lavendar that is growing at the base of the vine. Got the dead leaves and trash off the flower bed on the right side of the cellar door. Looks  a lot neater now. The blackberries had trailed down and touched the ground and 2  of the tips had taken root. I pulled those out and cut them to transplant elsewhere. I shoveled out the ditch behind the outbuilding to drain the runoff water away. Dang I am already paying for that task with sore joints and achey back. Then I took the leaf rake and cleaned up the mess I made yesterday cleaning out the herb and flower beds. It does look some better out there. After a look at the onion bed, I can see onions starting to grow already.

 The asparagus should be up pretty soon. So we can have some fresh green veggies.

 Rodger and Jason got one of the oak trees cut that were shading the grapevines and lower part of the yard. Most of the wood is split and stacked.

 The little lilac bush had buds on it already. But it is on the south side of the house and gets warmer.

The flower bed along the front looks better without all the stubble of dead plants from last fall. It is starting to show some green as well.

The herb bed is all cleaned off and the wire put back to keep the dog an cats out. Even a lil green showing in here too.

The heirloom rose that I dug up at an old homestead up the road from us has lil tiny leaves already. I am hoping to get it set in the ground tomorrow.

The chives that I had out back in pots are getting some green to them. I actually thought they might freeze out being in pots up off the ground. But so far, so good. I love this time of year when things are coming back to life after a winters nap.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jane said...

I love this time of year too. MY flower garden; out front has day lillies peeping up out of the ground. It has been mostly cloudy here today. Maybe I will get my flower bed cleaned off next week,if we get some more pretty weather. Blessings jane