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Monday, February 14, 2011

Starting a few more seeds

I got up early this morning thinking I had to go to a doc appointment with mom and she decided she was not going cause she felt fine today. So I didn't have to be up early at all but I was. The sun came out early and it was so nice and warm outside. I keep telling my self not to get in too big a hurry to plant stuff, it is early yet. So I got my shower and headed into town to check on her and just to get out of the house for a lil bit. Mom was OK and I called a friend of mine who cuts my hair and went to visit her for a bit and got a trim. Dang now I feel human. I got on back home and got my seed starter trays out and filled 2 of them with soil to finally get the celery and leeks started. So now those are sowed and for now sitting on the kitchen counter so they can stay nice an warm to help sprout the seed. I usually damper the soil after the seeds are in with warm water and cover the whole tray with plastic wrap to hole in heat and humidity. This method seems to work well for me. Then I got the hair brain idea to get a few cabbage seeds in some soil as well for really early cabbage. For the cabbage I just filled a regular flower pot with the potting soil and sowed the cabbage seed on top, covered them with a lil bit of soil, warm water, then covered the whole pot with the plastic wrap. Once the seedlings get up big enough I can tease the roots apart I will transplant them into cell packs till they are ready to go in the garden in a few weeks. I made it to the summer kitchen a lil later to finish up vacuum sealing my bread flour into half gallon jars for long term storage and got all that out of the way. That is also where my onion seedlings are and they look really good. So far am pleased with them. I did give them a drink of water too as they do get dry pretty quick when the sun shines in the windows and warms up the kitchen. But it does make a nice place to get a few things started. The plastic will need to be put on the greenhouse in a couple more weeks and then seeds starting will start in earnest.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jane said...

I got my tomattoe,and bell pepper seed started today.Am looking forward to seeing them sprout. Glad we are having some good weather for a change.Blessings jane