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Friday, February 11, 2011

Onion seedlings are green, warm weather is coming

Well I don't know what the story is about google and blogger but they both locked me out last night and I could not post anything dang it. But I did get in today so all is not lost.
I got out yesterday and checked on my lil onion seedlings in the summer kitchen and took some pictures so ya can seed em. I did give them a lil drink of warm water too and they are starting to green up a lil bit from sitting very near the window.

So far both trays of seedlings are doing good so I am hopeful I will have a good supply of onions this year to store. My goal this weekend is to get the soil for the celery and leeks. OK so no I have not done that yet. It snowed and was really cold out there and I don't wanna go. I really don't want to clutter the counters in the summer kitchen yet with seed flats because I still have 2- 25 lb bags of flour to mess with out there and get in vacuum sealed bags and stored. Not to mention Josh is supposed to bring the wild hog meat down this weekend and that will need to be worked up and frozen out there as well. I really will need my counter space to work on.
The weather did improve some today. At least it was sunny and looked nice outside but still quite chilly. My body just don't adjust to the cold like it did when I was 25.  If the weather is as nice as they are forecasting I am gonna try to go to Jason's house and decide on a finally spot for the pig pen that we need to get built and get the pigs pretty soon so we can have meat hogs this coming year. The wire is waiting on some nice weather to get the pen fenced in for the laying hens to run in as well. The post have been set and wire bought for almost a year now so I think its time to get it done. But there are only so many hours in a given day to do things outside.
We usually try to plant peas on Valentines day here but I really don't think it will be on Valentines day this year. But if it don't snow or rain for several days maybe we can run the tiller in the big garden and get a place worked up and get them in early next week. That will be all good with me.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Thanks for the pics, Stella! My lil onions look just like yours cept they're not green yet. I was worried that I had planted them too close together.

Jane said...

What kind of peas? english are the only ones I can think of that is planted this early. We are supposed to get some warm weather this week,can't wait. Hope you get the peas planted. Blessings jane

Jen said...

Yer onion seedlings look great! It surely is a sign that spring is right around the corner. -'Jenny'