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Thursday, February 3, 2011

All is quiet around here

It sure has been a quiet week around here. Rodger has been in Texas hog hunting this week and I have been home all week. I was thinking while he was gone I could get lots of things done around here and I guess I did get a few things accomplished, but nothing like I probably should have. I did fix supper for Jason a couple times this week and he made pizza for our supper tonight. He makes some good pizza. Now am thinking a nap is in order.
I did call Rodger cause he had said yesterday that they would be heading home sometime today. They were just north of Little Rock Arkansas this evening and had stopped for supper. He said they should be in Kentucky around 4 AM. Jason is picking him up tomorrow around noon. They did not have much success hog hunting due to the big weather front than moved in the area. But the rancher did give them 2 anyway. I am bettin they will all be glad to be home and get some rest and be warm for a change.
Other day I tole ya I did get the dirt in my seed trays to get the onion seed started. I had called Sheri and she gave me lots of good pointers, tips an tricks she has learned along the way. So I now have my onion seed in soil and officially started. I went down to check on the laying hens earlier today and had intended to get more potting mix from the greenhouse and get the leeks and celery started but dang it I was cold. I kinda wimped out and put that off till maybe tomorrow when it is not so cold. Both celery and leeks are slow to germinate and slow to grow so need to be started early. So thas the tentative plan for tomorrow. We shall see.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Been gettin' my share of quiet too. Hubby was in Florida most of the last week and will likely have to go back--work related. I've had a chance to spend a couple weekends with my kids and in 12 days I'm flying out to see my Ruby. Meanwhile I'm using the quiet days to work on stuff for my Etsy shop, that's going nicely. Not much housework getting doing--just sweeping up my wood shavings from whittling. :) Its nice for a change.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well at least you have tons of dirty laundry to look forward to, huh? ;o)

offgridbob said...

Stella, on the other side of the coin I we have been getting to much rest, Were getting antsy about working on the homestead. Not much to do around here during this time of year. We do read and dream a lot.How do those hogs taste ? I have always wanted to go hog hunting but the trip from Washington State to Texas is a bit much for our budget. Someday Carol and I would just like to travel through the USA and visit all of our homestead friends. You guys take care
Bob & Carol

stella said...

Mary I love the lil critters in your Etsy shop, they are so cute. It is nice to have the me time to do as ya please but after a while ya do miss the fellows being around all the time.
Di you are so right , he got home and I got 2 loads of dirty clothes. Reckin he still cant operate a washer. lol
Hi Bob and Carol, thanks for stopping by. Love ya blog, neat looking place ya have there. The wild hogs dont taste any different than the tame ones to me. But then again they brought home younger ones. maybe 200 - 250 lb ones. THe smaller ones are not mature so they dont have the hormone activity to taint the meat. I think they want to go back next year.