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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So much for nice weather, winter is back

We had a couple nice days over the weekend and got a few tings done around the place. On Monday I had a doctor appointment out of town. Rodger took off work to go with me. Long story short, I am diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. One meds and hope to heck they work well. It rained on us most of the day out of town and we did some shopping around for a few things we needed here on the farm so it was something positive accomplished. From hearing some folks talk it had snowed really hard in the next large town north west of where we were and we got on home to have just rain. Then after dark it started to snow here, big ole flakes, an covered quickly. This morning it had mostly melted off even tho the temps were in the mid 20's. This time of year I don't mind the snow we get cause you can be pretty sure it wont last the next day. But it has been cold today so I did not go out there in it messing around.
I decided to have tacos for supper tonight and am convinced ya never get too old to see something new. Well as I was slicing up a store bought tomato I did see something I have never seen in my life. A tomato that had seeds on the inside that had sprouted. Never in my life have I seen this in normal garden tomatoes.

On the second photo you can see the lil sprout that I took out of the tomato when I sliced it. The dang thing already has some green to it. But the tomato was whole and looked fine outside. What can promote this kind of sprouting and growth inside a tomato? Kinda makes ya wonder what kind of genetics are involved in our food these days. All I know is this is not normal and I wont eat this kind of food. Not to mention the fact that tomatoes are in the nightshade family and can be toxic if the plant is eaten. So am thinkin again this is not good.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Prayers headed that way Sis!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hi Stella, so glad you got a diagnoses! Now you can really address it. I have friends with RA and that is one thing I have been tested for a few times--the juries still out for me--but the thing is--when you KNOW--they can give you meds that really will make a difference. its strong bad stuff--but it can be the difference between functioning and becoming all crippled up. Its very good to know! I have OA too.. all over--which really I think is something you can deal with--just have to find what works for every little thing that comes up. ;)

Pokeberry Mary said...

Oh meant to add... it will be OK, challenging--but that's life eh?

stella said...

HI yall and thanks for the prayers. Dang I guess I didnt know how many really bad effects RA and OA can have on the body.
Mary the doc i go to said that the xrays of my hands told him lots, the arthritis is already in my thumb and forefinger and middle finger joints and he said those are late places for it to show up indicating I have had it for a good while. He said he dont base his diagnosis on blood test but more the xrays and if the body responds to prednisone. Which mine did so that indicated it was inflammation or RA.And with the major joints aching was indicating OA as well, so am blessed with both.The goal is to eliminate the inflammation to prevent further damage. The meds, Plaquenil, works to confuse the inflammatory response and keep it from attacking the joints. I was comfortable with the fact it has been around a long time so we would know if there were bad side effects to it. So am prayin it works for me.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Do you get mood problems? I'm just wondering. I find some days I just don't want to move at all--usually days that I start out stiffer than usual--weather changes bother me too. My hand xrays showed thumb too--and the row of nuckles along the hand--not just fingers--which is why my doc was also wondering what the heck that is.. my blood work didn't show RA--I've had that test more than once though--as Ive had more than one doctor wonder about it. I also am blessed with an intolerance to most nsaids--so I take Aleeve--which is the only one so far I can tolerate. It doesn't always 'get it' so sometimes I use prednisone--which usually is pretty nice--but don't take it long--it didn't help with my neck--which is probably just going to be that way until I decide to have surgery on it--but since the traction did seem to help--and ice helps--I will hold of on it.

So fun eh?