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Friday, February 4, 2011

The hunters are home

The hog hunters are finally home. Oh sure it is nice to have "me" time, but after a lil while it does get boring. The guys made it back to Kentucky around 4 this morning and took a nap at Josh's house. Jason picked Rodger up around noon or so and they headed back here to home. They brought 2 hogs home with em so there is meat. I think Josh is going to cut it up and take care of it. Then bring it down later. This winter weather has been so odd all over the country this year. They left Texas yesterday and made it here missing all the bad weather. An old school mate of mine is on facebook and posted that he had a half inch of ice at his place in Texas and he was probably 6 hours south of where the guys were hunting. So if they had stayed till this morning and left most likely they would have gotten caught in the ice and snow storm. They did well dodging it going down an coming home. Just glad to have em home.
I have had all week to do as I please and have been successful in messing up my sleep habits again. I took a good nap yesterday evening and woke up at 2 AM and didn't go back to bed. I did try to watch some news today and napped for a couple hours. But with being awake this morning I did get a few chores done that I had put off. I cleaned the kitchen cabinets and put lemon oil on them. I try to do that several times a year to keep things from building up on them. So far they have stayed nice looking for their age. I even oiled some of the antique furniture that I have while I had the oil out. I guess I could call this spring cleaning. That's about as much of spring as we will see for a few days. We are supposed to get snow showers tonight and tomorrow here. It is also getting colder with this snow as well. I used to say I wouldn't mind moving south where it is warm but this winter has been an exception as it is cold in the south too. So I guess I will sit right here and wait for spring.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Jen said...

Glad the guys made it back home safe and sound. Too bad this nasty cold storm hadda sweep thru when they were out here. ~'Jenny'