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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleaning the herb bed off

The weather here was fairly nice today but no sun shine to amount to anything. Dang I think I am solar powered. The sun don't shine, I don't function well. Just could not seem to get motivated this morning. Finally got outside and got started cleaning off the herb bed and the flower bed near the front side walk. I had put woven wire over the flower and herb bed last year to keep the cats and dog from getting into them. I pulled the wire out and used my long bladed pruning scissors to kinda mow the tops off the flowers and raked the debris off them. Then put the woven wire back in place. Maybe I can take some pics tomorrow and post them. Some of the perennial stuff is putting out buds already so spring is very close. It was a much bigger job to get the wire off the herb bed. It is much bigger and the plants are hardier and grown up thru the wire. It was going to be a big job with my pruners to cut all that so Rodger cut the bed off with the weed eater when he got home. Then all I had to do was take the spade and dig out the dandelions and rake the debris off the bed. All the wire is back on it now as well. It just looks much neater that having all the stubble sticking up all over. Sure makes for much easier harvesting too. Still have one more flower bed to get cleaned off and some odd plantings that need to be trimmed up.
We had 2 big oak trees on the lower side of where the grape vines are that needed to be cut. Rodger has run the weed eater with the  brush blade down there over the weekend and got the small stuff. This evening after work he and Jason got one of the trees cut down and most of it cut into firewood that will get hauled to the wood shed to dry for next year. It will let a lot more sun in the back yard to the things that we have growing back there. I'm sure the grapes will do much better with more sunlight. Once the trees are cut and the under brush cleared away we will be able to see the garden better from the house so any critter that gets in the garden will be living dangerously. We hope, as long as we shoot straight.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Sue said...

Oh, Stella, we here in Iowa are so jealous of your signs of spring...we are getting a little thaw this week, though, enough to flood the little creek nearby.

Deb said...

HA! I don't have to clean up my herb bed cause the chickens cleaned it ALL up for me last year. Got to put that wire in this year!

Pokeberry Mary said...

I wish there was a storable solar battery we could have. ;) I know that feeling. Love to read what's being done outside, I'm visiting grand daughter. Last night she and I took a little walk around the block and I picked a piece of lambs ear from one of the many front yard gardens their neighbors have. She spent the whole evening finding ways to pet her leaf or rub it on her nose or her ears! so cute!