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Monday, February 28, 2011

The spring storm season

Here it is almost March and the start of the spring storm season for us. I woke this morning to thunder and a good deal of wind and rain. I got up to see what the weather might be like outside. It should have been very light out but instead it was quite dark still with all the cloud cover and the incoming storm. We had some wind, nothing bad, a lot of rain with some pea size hail for about 5 minutes. Not that I would remember to take pictures or anything. Te temp did drop as the day wore on but the rain is over for the most part I think. The next several days are supposed to be rather nice. We have lots to do here as soon as it dries a little bit. We will be putting the plastic on the greenhouse this week some time and getting it ready. Need to be starting more plants real soon.
I was busy last week helping my aunt get her store organized and some what cleaned out so she can be a lil more efficient. Also got to visit some with my friend Jackie even tho she was in the hospital. Then great news last night, I got a text from her and she is home out of the hospital. Thank God she is doing better and has gotten past this Lupus flare up.  Also got to spend some time with my good friend Rosie and her family. Love going to her place, just like being at home. She sent me home with a bunch of raspberry plants, some stinging nettle and rugosa roses. I hope I can get those in the ground this week.
My seedlings all look really good but I do think they need to be in the greenhouse so they can get more light. As of now they are still in the summer kitchen. I love spring and the newness of things coming up and the grass starting to green up, the renewal of life at its best.
A few weeks ago when we pruned the grapevines I had cut a bunch into starts to try an root them. They were here in the kitchen inside sealed up trash bags to maintain humidity. I opened those this past weekend to find the buds on the cuttings are starting to open up. So thas a good sign they might just take root and grow for us. I think I started 65 or so for new plants. Wonder what all I can make with grapes from that many vines. Lots of jelly and wine for starts.
Not much else happening around here so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



offgridbob said...

Stella, My wife uses two main juices for her jellies and that is grape juice and apple juice, she then will use her huckleberry and elderberry to mix with the apple and grape juice. Every one that has recieved her jellies has ask for more. Now that we have them hooked we'll start charging for them. They won't know what hit them.Ha!

Pokeberry Mary said...

We just had torrents of rain this evening. I planted over the weekend, but I wonder if its all been murdered by this rain now.
Say--has that new medicine helped you yet? Wondered if you can tell?

Jen said...

So glad yer back Stelly. Glad you got to spend some time wif friends. That is always a delight. -'Jenny'

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

OOOO Grape jelly, my favorite. I'd say oooo wine, but I don't drink anymore. Dag nab it! Sounds like you've been busy. We've got lots of rain here, forecast through the weekend. The ground is mush! Not gonna plant anything soon.