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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home with Petunia, power went off

We got home this afternoon with Petunia and got her all situated in the barn. She was really easy to get moved. She laid down in the trailer most of the way home and we put a rope on her leg just to prevent her from wondering off on the walk to the barn. She was very cooperative and went along with no fuss. She has a nice barn that stays dry and hay for a bed. We have access to water all the time and will be fed 2 times a day so she can eat free will. I am sure she will miss her sheep and cow pals that she ran with but she does have a cat to hang out with her. We noticed she likes to shove all the hay into a pile and then tunnel under it to stay warm. Odd for a pig. I think she will grow nicely with fresh corn and lots of feed.

We have had really nice weather today. Perfect fall weather with sunshine. But for some reason our power just went off. I just hope it is not another case where someone has taken out a power pole with their car. But it has happened before. So we will use the kerosene lights till it comes back on. But yes my computer is on battery backup and will run for a while. On the radio they are saying someone has been electrocuted at a sub-station and someone else is calling for help. Hope this turns out well for all involved.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

What a cute lil piggy Ms. Petunia is! She seems so docile the way you talk 'bout her. I'm happy fer ya Stelly. She will turn into a fine fine chubby pig. (*pettin' Petunia) ~Jenny

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Cute little oinker! What kind is she?

The Little Farm said...

Our piggies always burrow under the hay. I've even seen them pack it in their mouth to pile it up deeper for them to get under. Guess they like to be tucked in safe and sound too!

Deb said...

She looks so comfy in there!I know she will be happy with ya'll (for as long as it lasts).

stella said...

Hi yall, so far petunia is happy with her new digs. ANd she is healthy and eating well so I think she will gain weight really well from now on. I am sure she misses her cow and sheep frens tho. And all her adventures running lose with them. But she has a nice warm house and all the food she can eat with no one to take it from her.

small farm girl said...

Cute little thing! lol.
I hope everything comes out ok with the electric. Just think of it as a trial run. lol