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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nice sunny day, cool nights

The weather today was just beautiful. A nice sunny warm day, then night fall with a full moon and clear sky, cool crisp air, perfect. Not too cold but long sleeves really feel good in this kind of weather. We do need rain badly tho. Everything is dry as a bone.And I think I read today that the whole state is under a burn ban. We have a corn crib that needs to be cleaned out and some junk burned but it is far too dry to start any kind of fire out doors. So am thinking that will just have to wait till after a rain.
I went to the other house this evening with Jason to look at some building and decide where we can keep a hog that is secure from predators. I think we will be using the old log cow barn that is in really good shape. It does need some work on the doors and such but not much else. It still is dry inside and has a good roof. We have a lean-to shed on the back of one big barn that needs to be taken down and the roof re-done. All of these are cool weather projects so we don't get stung by wasp. They do have a tendency to build in vacant buildings around here. We will get to that. But I got a lot of cleaning up still and reorganizing around here at my house. The freezers need to be cleaned out and organized a bit so I can find things with ease and that will also entail organizing the out building. The cellar needs to be tidied up and ready for winter. Now once again I need to clone me to get it all done in the near future.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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