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Thursday, October 14, 2010

We about missed the colors

We almost missed the beautiful fall colors in Kentucky while we were gone last week. The trees are dressed in their finest fall colors right now. We got a lil rain today and lots of them fell but they are still pretty.

 This is a view from the garden looking back to the house. As luck would have it last evening when we decided to go dig our sweet potatoes we could not find the potato fork that we always use. So Rodger had to dig them by hand. He said the potatoes had grown down into the soil all the way to hard pan. They were nice size taters and they do require very little care.

The garden is finished, now for the clean up and putting on a cover crop. We are putting the garden in another spot next year. Not much else happening on the homestead today. The guys are getting ready to hunt this weekend. So hopefully we will have some venison for the freezer.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Oh, I can see the summer kitchen...and are those white lookin things watermelons still out there? Better ask Luna about the tater fork(haha).

stella said...

lol deb those are watermelons that had roten places on em and we left em for target practice from the front porch lol dang we jus had the tater fork when we cleaned out chicken houses, dunno where it went. heck she may have dragged it off while we were gone last week lol