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Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally a day to just relax

We made it to Elko Nevada and on Thursday finally got a chance to relax and check out the town. The kids were off looking for an apartment or house. Rodger and I went to check out the Northeastern Nevada Museum. It is a really nice collection of pieces of the history of the area. The whole town is mostly based on mining (gold). The area has several culturally diverse groups that actually settled the region. Have a look if ya like.

Elko is a small town with old west elements. Some newer hotels and casinos and some older ones. Tomorrow night we might hit the casino just because.
I am having trouble getting my pictures uploaded to blogger, so for now I cant share them with you. Maybe when I get home I can take time to actually put them all on Photobucket and just post the link for ya.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road.


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