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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall cleaning, nice weather

I haven't done enough to write home about in the past few days. Just kinda trying to take it easy for a bit and rest. I did get out for a bit to enjoy the nice weather before it turns cold tonight. We have a freeze warning for our area tonight and tomorrow night as well. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a blog post when you have done absolutely nothing? Well its hard. So I didn't. Today I got back to the fall cleaning inside the house and de-cluttering. I did get all the base cabinets in the kitchen cleaned and organized a little better. Tomorrow is the upper ones. Gosh I dread those because that is where all the baking supplies are and herbs, spices, that kinda thing. I know I need to sort and see what I need to stock up on when we go to the grocery next time. The extent of our grocery shopping each week is for maybe a loaf of bread, milk and cigarettes. We really don't buy much. But when we go to Sams club and the bigger stores we do buy mostly staples in bulk. That includes flour, sugar, coffee(expensive habit),just basic stuff. And we do get more than our share of what I call junk food. I do get wild rice mix and that type things. We are not big bread eaters at all so flour is not something I store a lot of. Some yes, not a lot. I did go into town today to get smokes, yeah OK, I will tell ya bout that in a minute. I though I would plunder the store a lil bit and check out the prices. The meat counter was a horror, oh my the prices. I have been buying good high quality bacon for $2.49 per lb, now it is well over $3. A friend mentioned that in her town bacon was 3 # for $15. Chicken and pork were way more than I am willing to pay for it. I am so glad we raise our own chickens and this year we are getting a hog to butcher. And the guys hunt, which is  a great help on the food bill. Here's one that killed me, chips, I have an addiction to chips. I guess I need the crunch. Dang they are near $4 per bag. I can get 10 lb of taters for that price. Sugar was $3 for 5lb, self rising flour the same. I got sticker shock and came home. That  trip made my head hurt. Well OK, now for the smoking part. I have a script for the anti-smoking medication. You are supposed to take it for a week before you stop using cigarettes. So this week I started the medicine. I know the medicine works because when I get up in the mornings I am not drooling for that first cigarette. So Thursday of next week will be my start quitting date. Care to join me? And if you choose not to join me, at least bring a damn shovel to help bury the bodies.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

Ok, I'm about to share some personal information: That pill made me have some interesting dreams. One, I dreamed that I was Peyton manning's sister and we were playing catch. Another, I was a purple monkey living on the Vegas strip. Lastly, the pill was better than a box of Exlax, I went, went some more and kept on going. I'm pulling for you!

stella said...

oh chit!!! I sure dont need none o that stuff. I have taken it before. the first time it did great, the second time i hit rock bottom depression but no other effects. I think I can do it this time. Well i must do it for my BP or it will only get worse.