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Monday, October 25, 2010

We finally got rain, doc visit

We finally got some much needed rain late last night. Not a lot but enough to settle the dust and snuff out some of the forest fires that have been burning in nearby counties. Some of the state parks here have been closed due to dry conditions and burn bans. The ground is so dry and sponge like that it soaked in the water really quick. Now tomorrow we are under a wind advisory with gust up to 45 mile per hour and it is posed to get cold after that. The pretty leaves will all be gone after that.
I had a doc appointment in the next town over today. As I was leaving I stopped into the local fruit stand that is just across the road. I picked up a 50lb bag of potatoes and a 50lb bag of onions to put in the cellar. The onions are nice and dry so they should keep most of the winter. We use a good many potatoes but I think we use as much rice and pasta. So this bag should do us for a good while. In winter we like to make tater soup and that takes several and will make good use of some of the fresh onions as well. But as for the doc visit, not as good as I would have liked. I had a physical several months ago and called to get the results and they tole me all my labs were fine. Then today they mentioned drawing labs again to re-check my cholesterol. I tole the doc that I was told they were OK and she let me see the lab print out. Well my cholesterol is not too bad at 210 but its the bad cholesterol that is elevated. And my white count was slightly elevated as well. She said that is probably coming from all the inflammation in my joints from arthritis. I have also had a nagging headache for several weeks and had checked my blood pressure at home and it was up too. It was up today as well. Now I have to work on those 2. I guess the first task will be to quit smoking. I got a feeling they will have me in a cage in a few days of trying to quit. Maybe not, who knows.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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small farm girl said...

Good luck on quiting smoking. When they told me that my blood pressure was high, I had to quit too. Now, if I could only stop eating so much. lol