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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Gosh I have done a pitiful job blogging from the road on this trip. Kinda hard to stay up late to do a blog when your body knows you should have been sleeping 3 hours prior. But I will try to catch ya up a lil bit.
Rob and Amoy have had a really hard time finding the "right" place to live. So they decided to just put their stuff in storage and look till they find something that they will be comfortable in. Yesterday we went to the Uhaul place which as we understood was supposed to provide 30 days free storage unit with rental of the Uhaul truck. Well we find out that the Uhaul place where we were to go does not honor that benefit. I will never rent from Uhaul again. I think they could have told us prior to renting that the nearest storage facility would be 3 hours away. And I did let the customer service rep know that when I spoke with one on the phone yesterday as well. Not discount for turning the truck in early, nothing. Any way, they finally found a storage unit to store their stuff and we got the truck unloaded and returned. They are staying in an extended stay hotel till they find a place to rent. Really not any more expensive than a house. Rob starts his new job tomorrow and Amoy will have time to look for a rental place.
We had dinner last night at a local restaurant and gosh do they believe in serving a lot of food. It was really good, very close to home cooked. I was impressed and thas kinda hard to do with eating out. Later we decided to get out and visit one of the landmark casinos at Stockmans. We are not big gamblers by any means, we just play for fun. Had a nice time and a few drinks and back to the hotel. Today there is a huge liquidation sale at the convention center here and we are going there before we go on to Salt Lake City to spend the night. Then we fly out of SLC and head home tomorrow. So time to get this day started.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead on the road in Elko Nevada.



Deb said...

Whew, glad y'all made it safe! I'll tell everbody I know that is movin about U-Haul.Tell Rob and Amoy "Hi" and I hope they find a place real soon. Missin all y'all.

stella said...

They both say Hi back at ya. lol Amoy said she is "black and dont play with me" lol talk to ya soon.

Deb said...

Tell Amoy "Sand" hehe