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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here in my world

Here in my little world lots of things went undone this summer while I was busy canning. Nothing major really, just minor things that annoy only me. Such as the siding needed to be cleaned. No one notices this but me. The sun doesnt hit the back side of our house and moss starts to grow. The side of the house looks really dirty and green in places. So I got out today and fixed a bucket of detergent and bleach water to scrub it down. To me it looks better but when Rodger and Jason came home from work, they didn't even notice. I did spend most of the day outside just picking up stuff and pulling weeds out of the landscape rocks and really enjoying the wonderful fall weather. As I was doing this I noticed a lot of the weeds look like they have been frost bit. I am thinking we may have had some light frost while we were in Nevada. The trees here are all dressed in their fall colors and I almost missed it. If it don't rain tonight I am going to try to dig our few sweet potatoes and pick my tobacco worm beans to save for seed.
I had planted some cabbage plants that Deb had sent to me the second week of September and they grew by leaps and bounds while I was gone. As did my little chickens. They are all healthy and doing great.
My friend Rosie called today. She and her hubby had gotten some pigs to root her garden place up and get rid of the grubs. Now the pig is bigger and is just a big pet. The plan was that I was going out there to help them butcher Petunia, but now Rosie is so attached to her she cant bear to butcher her. She ask if we had a place to put her to finish her and get her ready to butcher. So in the next couple weeks we are going to try to get a small trailer and go get Petunia and bring her home to our house. Then later on this winter she will be butchered for meat and lard. We do have corn that is hard enough to feed now so the timing is great to have a hog. The corn picking is the next major project on our to-do list. But that will be a lil while yet. It needs several good hard frost to dry it really well for storage. This week I need to spend some time cleaning out our corn crib as well so we have a place to put the corn once it is picked. Aaah the joys of farm life.
This weekend is the beginning of muzzle loader season for deer hunting. I think the guys will be hunting this weekend. And hope they get a few deer for the freezer.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

I completely forgot this weekend was the start of muzzleloading season. Thanks for the reminder.

stella said...

lol yep ya best get ya rifle sighted in and ya huntin gear out lol dang i sure wish I could still hunt. oh well such is life. I hope the guys get a few for the freezer

Pokeberry Mary said...

Poor Petunia. I always thought if I had pigs I'd name them things like bacon or sausage. I had a friend who named her baby bull hamburger. Hubby said he knows if I had chickens they'd all be my friends.

stella said...

lol mary, I was raised on a farm and I learned from an early age not to name the animals unless I was willing to eat them after the fact.