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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Projects getting done, rain

The weather was so nice and pleasant today. We had a nice breeze blowing although they were giving high winds and severe storms for us. The temps were so nice in the mid 70's. Then we got a good rain this afternoon, no storms tho. I got out and worked on some of the clean up projects that I had started a few weeks ago. I finally got my outbuilding cleaned out and arranged so at least you can get in the door with getting killed by something falling on ya. Then I unloaded the taters and onions that I had got yesterday and put them in plastic crates that have good air circulation. While I was out there I cleaned out the odds and ends and swept the floor. So thas 2 more projects marked off my to-do list. After I came in I started on the 2 freezers in the house. One on the side by side and the other on top of the second fridge. Got some stuff tossed that had been lost in there too long. Now you can safely open the door without risk of a broken toe.
OK with the bad but not so bad news from my doc yesterday I have decided it is time to quit smoking. I am certain it will help my blood pressure a great deal. I have one more pack of cigs to go and thas gotta be it. I think my quit date will be Friday October 29. Right before Halloween. Thas gonna be scary. I have to do this for me, no one else, just me. But the first person that bums a cigarette will likely get their throat slit. We shall see how this goes.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

I quit, so can you. After eating and first thing in the morning was tough at first. I gave up my coffee and switched to Diet Coke for a few days. The best part of it, all the clearing of your throat and the morning cough goes away quickly. I had chronic brochitis when I smoked; I haven't even had a sniffle since. I have gained some weight, though. I took the Chantix pill.

Laura @ Getting There said...

Good for you, Stella! My husband is currently trying to quit as well. It's the right thing to do, and I wish you well in your endeavor. :)

Hopeful said...

stella - keep the faith you can stop! i also stopped a while ago and can't imagine ever picking up another. just try and tell yourself it keeps getting easier and that each day you go through is harder than the one that will follow (after the first week!). cheering you on!

small farm girl said...

You can do it Stella!!!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You can do it! It wont be easy, but you can! They say if you get a craving and can wait it out 10 minutes, then you really don't need to any way!

Good luch and let us know how you are doing!

stella said...

Hi yall and thanks for the encouragement. I do have the chanix medication and have started it. You are supposed to take it for a week before your start date, so next thursday will be THE day. Bring shovels please to bury the bodies. lol