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Monday, October 11, 2010

Home at last

Just a quick note to let you all know we made it back home to Kentucky on Sunday night about midnight.
Our flight plan was to fly out of Salt Lake City to Denver to Minneapolis to Lexington. We FINAlly got checked in thru security at SLC and went to our gate. And waited and waited. It was well past time for our flight to leave. The announcer came on to tell us there was a mechanical issue with the plane we were to board. And ya know thas what ya alas want to hear. So we were directed to another gate to board another flight to what we thought was going to be Denver. They called our names and when we approached the deck the lil lady tole us we would be on a different but direct flight to Minneapolis so they could get us there to make our connecting flight. Thas all good. Then she said the down side is "your gate is at the other end of the terminals and ya have 30 minutes to get there." Well crap, down side is an understatement for that. We headed to the OTHER concourse. We did make our flight to Minneapolis but as we were boarding they ask us if we would mind checking our carry-on luggage due to the fact that there would not be enough room in the overhead storage compartments. Now I am thinking, "overloaded plane". OK so we did that. Rodger and I did not get to even sit close together on that flight. I was in like row 12 and he was in 33. Oh well. We made it to the connecting flight in Minneapolis and got on the flight to Kentucky. We still didnt get to sit together. And I was at the back of the bus this time. Last row, but the upside is we arrived in Lexington 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. Jason picked us up and we came on home. Gosh it is nice to be home again. I have been in 16 different states in the past 2 months and none of em I like more than Kentucky. It is nice to travel and see other places, but I sure dont want to live anywhere but here. Hopefully I can post some pics tomorrow evening of our trip.
Till then, blessing from the McGuire homestead at home.



small farm girl said...

See, I told you there was no place like home. hehehehehehe! Welcome back.

stella said...

lol tanks, yep I know there is no place like home. It is nice to travel and see the country tho. But ya know, I like growing things, i like our climate,our landscape, and I havent seen anything that compares with Kentucky yet.

Jen said...

Wow Stelly...yall sure have traveled alot. I'm glad Rob and Amoy are somewhat settled and everyone is safe and sound. Glad yer home now. Yer right that there is no place like home...even in this thick prickly South Texas brush country. ~Jenny