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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creature of habit

Yep that's me, a creature of habit. I don't like when things disrupt my habits. Is kinda like when I first get up in the morning I don't want the phone to ring before I have had my coffee and a couple cigs. Yeah I smoke. And thas another thing. It is just habit, a crutch if you will. I also don't like it when things change on my computer. And I sure get bent when I cant get into blogger to complain about the changes. OK I think I am done fussing now.
I guess I have had a mild stomach bug along with this congestion stuff this week. I know there are things that need doing but dang I just don't have the energy. And the weather is so nice this fall, not too hot, just perfect. I did go out to the summer kitchen today and got my bell peppers all washed, seeded and sliced and bagged up for the freezer. So maybe that was a lil progress. I did this on the way back from feeding the chickens. Those critters are sure growing nicely.  Not long till butchering time for them tho. It will be nice to not have anything to go out and feed for a while. Well except Luna and the cats and thas no big feat.
This coming weekend is the Woolly Worm festival here in our home town. Lots of food vendors and such. Mostly people go see friends they haven't seen since last year. Also this weekend is my 30 year class reunion. Gosh where did time go. I didn't do a head count but I have been told that our graduating class has the highest number of people who stayed in our lil town and worked and raised their families. I can believe that. There was probably a half dozen of them that are school teachers. Some small business owners, and others yet that have just worked here. I think it will be fun to see some old friends and classmates and see how everyone has done.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

Blah! I hate reunions! But I sure hope you have fun at yours!

Oh and yes...never interrupt a gal before she has her coffee! Never!

Mornings are sacred! :)

MA Fat Woman said...

I haven't seen not one wooly worm yet this year.

stella said...

Hi yall, i have seen several woolly worms and they are mostly black this year. I think that translates into a bad winter.
I can stay home when it snows and enjoy my sacred coffee with bailey irish cream. lol