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Saturday, September 11, 2010

We got rain finally

We finally got rain last night and some more today. I am sure my garden appreciated it. Haven't done alot today other than get things cleaned up and ready to butcher tomorrow. I only have 8 birds to do and that wont take us too long. Kinda excited about making and canning more gumbo. I don't have Deb to help me this time around but she is a good teacher so I think I can wing it.
I piddled around in the summer kitchen today doing odd jobs while Rodger hauled water. Our well was getting low with no rain. No big deal tho, we just load the water tank and go to the old farm house and fill the tank and unload in our well. We are blessed to have a dug well that is rock from top to bottom and will hold the water like a cistern. Any way, I got the apples out of the dehydrator that I had put in last night to dry and added a light sprinkle of powdered sugar and vacuum sealed them in serving size packages for the guys to take hunting as a snack. I got the onions peeled and sliced for the gumbo making and dried some marjoram and chili pequin peppers. 
I have a gallon jug of wine in the making out in the summer kitchen that needed my attention. I finally got the bentonite put in the jug to clarify it. We let that settle till I get time to siphon the wine off and bottle it. It sure did smell good tho.
Our little Keiffer pear tree here in the yard had way too many pears on it and it broke out the main top limb of the lil tree. I picked the pears off today and put them in buckets in the kitchen so they can ripen. I am thinking I will make some vanilla pear butter from a recipe I found online today. I sure sounded good, and ya just cant go wrong with pears and vanilla in the same jar. I do need to make more pear preserves or pear honey as some people call it. I will post the recipe for the vanilla pear butter after I make it to make sure it is worth the effort.
So I'm off to enjoy my coffee and baileys Irish cream with caramel. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Stella, you'll do great with the gumbo....stuff like that just cames naturally to you! I sure do miss yer cookin!

small farm girl said...

My mouth always waters after reading your blog! You are my hero!!!hhehehehe

stella said...

Hi yall, its late night and the chickens are dead and the gumbo is done, and it sure do smell good. And now I wait on the 50 cornish cross that will be here on sept 22. lol Like i need more chickens right. gotta feed the kids lol