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Sunday, September 19, 2010

In a hurry to get done

Seems we have been in a hurry this past week to get a lot done before fall and our rainy season sets in. The fence has been taken down from the garden and most of the post have been pulled. Still have all the corner post in and the braces. Those will come out a few at a time this week.
Once again I had trouble logging into blogger to do my post, so will try to catch you up a lil bit. Yesterday I got the tobacco worm beans canned that I picked the night before. The guys went off to a gun show and I was home alone an had all day to finish. I had 14 quarts and 8 pints of green beans when they were processed.

The tobacco worm beans were really pretty and nice an full. Be mighty tasty with some cornbread.
We harvested the rest of the cushaws and had 8 of those to put in the cellar and about 2 bushel of butternut squash as well. There were lots of watermelons in the garden and some still were not ripe. We did pick 11 that are ripe tho. Now what to do with 11 watermelons.
I guess we can eat a few and maybe make some watermelon puree and freeze it for watermelon ice later. Rodger had gotten a business associate to pick up some apples for us when he went to southern Kentucky to an Amish orchard. We went and got those today. Nice big apples, good flavor and a good cooking apple as well. we got less than a half bushel peeled and sliced and it filled both my dehydrators.

Even tho I treated with Fruit Fresh they do still darken some when they start to dry. I still have a bushel to work up and will store about a half bushel in the cellar. I still have the pears to make into preserves before long as they are starting to soften and get ripe. While we were in the garden I cleaned up the bell pepper plants and got all the peppers off the plants. Got those cleaned and sliced an in the freezer this evening as well. Now the garden can be turned except for the green beans that are left. Well and the sweet taters, not that there will be many of those.
I should have baby chicks arriving this week sometime, And the brooder house is cleaned out and bedding is in there just waiting for them. I think I might have gotten in too deep in the chickens this time with ordering 50 of them. Rob and Amoy wont be here to help use all the chicken and stuff so I think we have more than enough to do us till next summer. That is yet to be seen.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Stella, I'm sure a lot of jars of chicken will be toted off to Nevada when Rob and Amoy come to visit. 50 won't be too many! I know how much they like your canned chicken, and broth too. Prolly our government will try to make chicken raisin illegal anyway. Then you can hide your stash in the cellar.

stella said...

LOL deb, unless they drive home when they come,, not really any way for em to take stuff home. An ya know I guess that is what bothers me most. I can see us renting lots o cars to travel lol

small farm girl said...

50 chickens! And I thought my 36 was a lot! lol. Oh well, butcher time tomorrow. Can you use a melon baller for the watermelon and freeze the balls? Then in the middle of winter have watermelon.

stella said...

lol well 50 chickens is gonna be a lot for jus 3 people to eat in a year. I waas plannin on 5 of us but with Rob moving to Nevada that kinda takes him outa the picture.
I am thinkin watermelon sorbet or something like it. I think it would be rather refreshing in winter.

MA Fat Woman said...

You could make some watermelon wine!

stella said...

ah ha!!! watermelon wine. tanks G, good idea. Off to look for a recipe and a bucket to make it in. muh big jug is full o blackberry wine. lol