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Thursday, September 2, 2010

More canning experiments

You remember yesterday I tole ya that Deb and I had went to visit Rosie and I always go to the Amish salvage store. Well we got several things to stock up on that we needed and when we were checking out we saw a sign on the counter that said "Free 10 lb jowl bacon with $10 order". Well Deb and I both got the free jowl bacon. Deb had canned some regular bacon before to use when they go camping in Mississippi but this was a new one for me. So today we skinned and sliced the jowl bacon and put it in pint jars for canning. You slice the bacon and place it in the jar till it is as full as you like without packing too tight and don't add any liquid, put the lid on the jar and process in pressure canner at 10 lb pressure 75 minutes for pints. When they were done there was a layer of grease in the bottom of the jar and the bacon strips were still strips. Deb said you simply take the bacon out of the jar and use the grease to fry as usual till crisp. No refrigeration or freezing needed. This way if the freezer goes out or we have a power outage my bacon will still be good. Pretty cool idea.
This evening we went to the garden to pick banana peppers to can for Deb to take home and ended up picking nearly a bushel. And no we are not pickling all those. (pickle recipe in previous post)We do have about 3 gallon in salt water over night and then we can those tomorrow. Now we need something new to can, or at least something one of us hasn't canned. While we were in the garden I sprayed my Tobacco worm beans for bugs. They do have little beans on the vines now and Idon't like the bugs leaving spots on my beans that I want to can. The tomatoes are all but done. We did harvest most of the winter squash and some cushaws for Deb to take home with her.
Our weather has been so nice this week. Sunny but not unbearably hot. This weekend is posed to be high in the mid 70's, just perfect for a cook out.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and am loving it -- I am a born and raised country girl now living in NC --I haVe a great recipe for hot peppered veggies if you are into hot -- can't wait to see what else is coming out of your garden -- I really miss the ability to do those things now --have a great day

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Bacon..who would have thought?

Don't you just love the Amish stores???

stella said...

welcome Karen thanks for visiting. We use a few hot peppers we dont eat a lot of em tho. It is nice to have a garden and be able to can.
lol apple pie gal. well is one way to preserve meats if hte power goes away. And the amish stores are awesome.