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Monday, September 13, 2010

Easy day of nothing

We had big plans for getting some thing done today but some how got side tracked. Normal for me tho.Rob was here last night and today with me. I had promised my friend Gene that I would come pick him up and take him to do errands and then home because he still don't drive in town or on main roads. Rob went with me, he wanted to see Gene for a bit and we got his errands all done and Rob and I went to the nursing home to visit mom for a bit. We took Abby along and of course she was the show stopper. The folks there love playing with friendly little dogs and Abby loves the attention. Mom actually enjoyed getting to pet her and wanted to keep her which surprised both Rob and me. We ended up getting home later than we planned this afternoon and got nothing of benefit done.
This evening after supper Rob helped Rodger pull the fence post up that were around the garden spot. We are moving our garden next year to the other end of the bottom. Tomorrow Rob and I are planning on cleaning out all 3 chicken houses and getting my pullets all in one house so they can get settled before they start to lay. All the chicken manure and bedding will get spread on what will be the new garden area for next year. It will get turned under this fall and will have all winter to compost and improve the soil even more. We are also on the prowl for some hard red winter wheat seed to plant a small plot for wheat for bread just for us.It is close to time to get that planted in our area. Although finding the seed may be a bit tricky because no one here that I know of grows wheat for flour. If wheat is planted in this area it is used for cover crop and green manure and not for flour for human consumption. This will be a first for us as well but I do know how to make good homemade bread with whole wheat flour. Looking forward to a new experience of growing wheat.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Gracie said...

Stella, don't know anything bout growing wheat, but could your local farmer's co-op possibly know of a source for some hard red winter wheat seed. Hope you find the amount you need, and @ a good price, too.

stella said...

Hi gracie, we dont have a farm store in our town at all and no co-op that I am aware of. so I will prolly have to order it online or go out of town to get seed. then getting something that is not GMO will be tricky.