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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More pickled peppers

I finally got the jalapeno peppers taken care of this evening. I had a bright idea, or at least I thought it was bright. I had thought of making and canning chipotle in adobo sauce using the jalapenos. I got to checking and didn't have enough propane in my small tank that goes to the smoker to do them. Dang it!! and I was all happy thinking I would make chipotle and can it. Oh well such is my life. But instead I just chopped them in the food processor and used the banana pepper recipe to can them as chopped jalapenos. I do like to use those in scrambled eggs for breakfast when I decide to make breakfast. Only thing is I just hate having to chop just a few. So these jars will be a big convenience for me.
Rodger took the weed eater to the garden this evening and mowed the tall grass back from my tobacco worm beans and the remaining pepper plants. Maybe I wont get ticks and chiggers every time I get in the garden now. I hope to get some tobacco worm beans picked and canned the end of this week. If not then surely by the first of next week I should have some. Fall is fast approaching and we are trying to get things out of the garden so it can be plowed up and the chicken houses cleaned out and manure spread on the new garden spot. While Rodger was in the garden I had ask him to pick my bell peppers and bring them in while I was canning the jalapenos. So now I have a 5 gallon bucket of bell peppers to seed, slice and freeze tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I can find time to do some house cleaning and laundry. Provided my knee don't act up like it has today. Some how I twisted my left knee last week and it is not really getting any better. Gosh I sure don't want to go to the doc for this. Sure glad my house is single level cause I sure cant do steps right now.
So til next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

Why am I hungry everytime I read your blog. lol. I hope your knee gets better. I don't know if there is nothing more agrivating than a bumb knee.

stella said...

bum knees are bad, an bum elbows, an bu backs, omg im fallin apart. dang i got more parts that hurt than dont these days.
Don'cha jus love cannin season.