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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh my lifes a cluster

First of all I have had a hard time logging into blogger to do my post. All to find out my computer has a virus and I am not sure where I got it. But don't panic, ya cant get sick from reading my blog or posting a comment. Its just my computer. But Jason is working on that as we speak and I am using his puter now. Oh well such is my life.
But with all that said, Rob was here for a couple days and he finally got his college diploma in the mail. So proud of him.
My lil boy is all grown up and now has a big boy job waiting for him in Nevada.
I got out today and checked on my cabbage plants to see if they were still living and gosh they look good. So sometime before winter  I should have more cabbage.
My friend Deb sent me some hard red winter wheat seed today so we can plant a lil patch of wheat for bread. After supper Rodger got the turning plows on the tractor and turned what will be our garden for next year and enough ground for the wheat. As soon as he can get it disced up and ready the wheat will get sown to come up an then go dormant over winter. Then it springs to life in spring and we harvest wheat about July next year. Pretty cool eh?
Today about noon my baby chicks called from the post office to let me know to come get em. The lady at the post office knows us personally and when she was calling to tell me the babies were there she just held the phone down to the chick box and if she hadn't said anything I would have just went up there knowing the chicks had arrived. Kinda cute, and the company had sent 52 chicks and only 1 had died in route. I always order from Marti poultry and have alas had really good results with their chicks. So I now have 51 healthy happy well fed lil chicks in the brooder house. So I will be butchering again the weekend of November 6.
Maybe I can get pictures of the lil birds and post them tomorrow so you all can see the lil babies.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead



Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you guys ever planed any "winter cabbage" like the Savoy. We do this each year and we eat fresh cabbage from the garden until it's all gone - usually around March or April, as we usually plant 32 - 40 plants. They are deliciously tender, too.

stella said...

We dont usually plant anything except regular cabbage, broccoli. My bunch wont eat just cooked cabbage, kids wont eat kraut, hubby wont eat cabbage only if its cooked in soup. picky azz bunch but I do make an eat a good deal of kraut. I can eat kraut straight from the jar as a snack. lol I know it is good for ya cause I vacuum seal mine and dont heat it. I had big plans for planting more fall crops but time has gotten away from me. Maybe next year. lol

small farm girl said...

Hi Stella! One of these days I'm going to have to take a trip and come and visit ya. I would LOVE to see how your farm is set up.

Anonymous said...

We take our cabbage and cut it into wedges. Then we wrap bacon around it (usually platter bacon works well) and then place it in a 9x13 baking pan, or whatever size it takes to get it all in. Then I pour a little water in the bottom of the pan to keep it from sticking, and to create a little steam. I then put it in the oven until it is very tender. It is delicious. Not good for you, but delicious. And the winter Savoy takes a lot less time to get done than the regular summer cabbage.

Gracie said...

Morning Stella,

Know you are proud as punch of your 2 sons! Dang wish all puters ol an new had to have built in virus protectors, dat happened to us a while back and was the pits. Congrats on your cabbages doing good, an your new babies. Men work from sun to sun, but us ladies work is neber done! God Bless You an Yours!