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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dried apples, doing inventory

I got out this morning and got the apples out of the dehydrator and got those bagged up, vacuum sealed and ready for storage. They were nice and dry, an good for snacking. Now I need to find a good fried apple pie recipe in one of my old cookbooks. I also have had some lil dried apple fritters at a state park lodge here in Kentucky and they were delicious. Just wish to heck I knew how they made those. I think I could figure it out if I had them again. They had cooked dried apples on the inside and a crunchy batter like coating on the outside. And deep fried, so good. Good project for this winter, figure out how they make those lil treats.
I did inventory in our cellar today and ended up with a total of 1015 jars of various canned stuffs. It did shed some light on our food supply as well. Of those 1000 or so jars, less than 100 are meats. My math came up with the fact that we could use 2.7 jars per day and have enough to last one full year. But my bunch are big meat eaters and with less than 100 jars of meats canned, we could only have meat about every 4 days or so. Now that don't take into account the amount of stuff in the freezer, nor the amount of the jars that are beans. But I do know I need to can juice, fruit,and more meats in order to have a well balanced diet. Just something else to ponder if you do a good deal of home canning to provide for the family.
When Rodger got in this evening he stopped to check on the pullets in the building and found 3 eggs. So I know I have at least 1 new pullet laying.

These are smaller than a normal egg due to the fact that it is the pullets first eggs. They will be normal size in a few weeks. These girls are only 5 months old, so they are doing good. It is also nice to say I have not bought eggs from the store in several years. We alas manage to have a laying flock.
Rodger took some pics of his drilling crew at work today. Jason (oldest son) is the one in the middle. It only takes them a few days in our area to drill an oil well in. This well will be in eye shot of the oil company office.
Around here oil field workers are called oil field trash, but not in a bad way. It is one of the better paying jobs in this area.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Johnna Sutton said...

your smart! :)

Jerry said...

Congratulations on the working blog.

stella said...

lol johnna sometimes not so much so. But it pays to know what ya have to work with.
Thanks Jerry, I am still having some issues with it but I can at least get in to post.

MA Fat Woman said...

What other kind of meats would you can...besides the meatloaf?

stella said...

Hey G, you can can anything you can fit in a jar. lol no kidding. I have some chunked beef roast canned, just roast cut in pieces and put in the jar and processed. Makes great BBQ or beef gravy over toast. I have a lot of chicken canned for soup, stews, casseroles and chicken and dumplngs. I plan to can some deer meat when hunting season starts. All kinds of pork can be canned. I do even have some canned bacon. BTW my tobacco worm beans are doing good, will send ya seed after I get some saved from the ones I have grown.