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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pear preserves and vanilla pear butter

I finally had the energy today to get started on the pears and get them peeled. I decided to make pear preserves from some of them and vanilla pear butter from the rest. I posted the pear preserve recipe last year about this time. So here goes for the pear butter.

This is not really a recipe but a method in my opinion. Use peeled chopped pear and add half the amount of water as you have pears and simmer till they are tender. Drain the water from the kettle and use a stick blender or any method you choose to puree the fruit. Put back in kettle and add half as much sugar as you have pears. Add in roughly 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (or to taste) for each gallon of pear puree. Keep in mind the vanilla will be a little more noticeable after the butter cooks down. It does concentrate the vanilla flavor. Put in crock pot with the lid ajar over night to cook down and thicken. In the morning ladle into hot jars and seal. You can water bath these for 10 minutes but I don't water bath. I good project for a cool fall day on the homestead.
It has been really nice and cool today. The highs this week are supposed to only be in the low 70's and upper 40's to low 50's at night. No A/C needed here this week. The leaves are changing too and you can feel fall in the air especially after the rain we had this weekend. So tomorrow morning I will finish up the pear butter and preserves and get those canned up. Then when I get another power surge maybe I can work on the cushaws and get those canned.
I have been going full throttle all summer and when I have a day with not much to do I get a feeling I'm forgetting to do something. Maybe I just work better under pressure.  As the old saying goes, "squeeze me hard, I'm good under pressure".
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Deb said...

Vanilla pear butter sounds good! I'll have to try that next year. And I know your pear preserves are REAL good.

stella said...

Hi sis, I was thinkin of yall today and well I peeled muh lil heart out and made enough for bof of us. So I got preserves and vanilla pear butter.

Dang I feel lost when I aint got 10 things waitin to be processed

MAFW said...

I made up a whole bunch of meatloaves. I didn't can them, I froze them. I'm on a lo carb diet and for the filler instead of bread crumbs or crackers, I used bbq porkskins. Quite tasty, I tell ya!

stella said...

Thas great Ms G, I did that adkins diet one time too, lost about 35 lbs and hit a plateau and quit. I really need to do that again. lol and i ate enough pork rinds to sink a battleship in the process. After i went back to normal foods every time i ate sugar it make my tummy cramp. Glad ya like the meatloaf, it is really good canned too and makes it quicker to serve.