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Monday, September 6, 2010

Picking more peppers, picked seed corn,canning peanuts

The day started on a sad note with my friend Deb leaving. She and her hubby Danny headed  back to Mississippi this morning around 7 am. Dang I miss her already, house seems empty. The kids have all gone home now too. We really had a nice weekend with Deb, Danny, Josh and our kids. I am waiting on a phone call from Deb to let me know they have arrived safely at their house. And sure looking forward to many more visits with them.
Later this evening I went to the garden and picked my jalapeno peppers and gathered my sweet corn that I want to save for seed. The jalapenos will be chopped and pickled. I like the peppers in scrambled eggs but just hate to make the mess chopping just a few. That prompted me to just chop them first and pickle the  chopped peppers to make it easier. I also think I will have some green beans to can after all this year. The tobacco worm beans that I planted after fathers day have beans on them and they should be ready to pick this coming week. I got a lot to do this week. The apples on the tree at the old farm house are ripe and ready to peel and dry, so those will need taken care of. And the bell peppers are getting ripe and I need to get those sliced and frozen and some dried. Then hopefully I can finish butchering chickens this coming weekend as well. I didn't get the roosters butchered from the young birds that I have when Deb was here. I am thinking I will make and can more gumbo.
Saturday evening after Danny got here, Deb and I started canning the peanuts that he brought up. I have learned that in the south boiled peanuts are much more common than roasted. But the boiled one must be green and still damp, not dried in the shell for roasting. The process is easy. You soak the peanuts in several changes of water to get out all the dirt and parboil them for 10 minutes in clean water. Then you make a brine of 1 cup of salt to each gallon of water and bring to a boil. Pack the peanuts into jars and pour the boiling brine over them, put on lids and process at 10 lb pressure for 50 minutes for quarts and 40 for pints. They are really good.

We also got some raw peanuts for roasting and I got those roasted last night. Just put in roasting pan in 350 degree oven for about 1 hour stirring often and check after about 45 minutes for doneness. Remove from oven and cool and store. Not hard to do and tasty.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I've never had a boiled peanut either. Are you surprised?

The good news is, I will try just about anything!

Which is why I love to travel. Never know what you will come across!

Pokeberry Mary said...

they are easy to roast! and yummy. We've also tried spicing them and roasting-works good. They can also be deep fried and boiled. Boiled is big around here, but I haven't tried it either. I did enjoy some cajun fried ones those were yummy.

stella said...

well deb got me hooked on em several months ago when she sent me a jar that she had canned. i love em. I have never seem them in stores here at all, well the boiled canned ones. when i was on vacation i bought a can in arizona to snack on and they were not as good as homemade. I did get the 25 lb bag roasted and vacuum sealed as well. so we got snacks for this winter.