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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Butchering video

I thought this lil video might be of some help to someone out there if they are willing to try to butcher chickens for themselves. Keep in mind this is not for the faint at heart or squeamish. The first thing in our process is to have a large preferably Iron kettle of water hot, very hot. If you dip your pinky finger 3 times and it don't burn then the water is not hot enough. Add a few drops of dawn dish soap to the scalding water to help break down the oil on the chicken feathers and make them easier to get wet when they get dunked. Step 2 is catch the chicken, step 3 is to decapitate the chicken and do not let it go, hold the feet to prevent bruising the meat and possibly breaking bones. Just makes for some nasty looking meat. Once dead, dunk in the hot water and remove the feathers. Once this is done and the bird is clean, rinse with cool water. Now you are ready to start the cutting up and evisceration part of butchering. Hopefully this lil video will help you accomplish this task in short order.

Also later in the year when the cornish cross are ready I can do a short video on how to process a chicken whole for use on the rotisserie. Next video most likely will be ready around early November.
After chicken is cut up put in cool water to which you have added a good deal of salt. This helps remove some of the residual blood in the  meat and will keep any pesky fly away that might come out of hiding on butchering day. Rinse meat well in clear water and proceed with packaging for the freezer or canning.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Good video Stelly. Thanks fer sharin'.


small farm girl said...

That was a great video! All I kept thinking was, WOW what a sharp knife. lol. Now you can come up and butcher some of mine. lol

Gracie said...

Wow Stella, You've got slicing up a bird down to a fine art, you had it done in no time flat! Sure do appreciate your post your video, now need to watch it on hubby's puter, as this one's 'sound' has gone caput.
Have cut up chickens for a long time, but your way is easier and takes less time. TY!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

You are VERY handy with that knife! What kind is it?

You made it look so easy too! Gonna show the Hubs this one too!

stella said...

Hi yall and thanks, gosh I can not remember the brand of knife but I got it as a shower gift 30 years ago. lol You see them alot sold for fund raisers. they have an aluminum handle and they sharpen really easy. I do have a good knife sharpener too which helps.
Till I looked at the video I thought it took me longer than 3 min 40 sec to cut up a chicken. I do know I can have one plucked in less than a minute. But heaven only knows how many I have done in my life, 1000's I am sure.