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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kicking around and doing very little

I think I got up today and should have just stayed in bed. I did get to sleep in a little bit. But seems the longer I lay in bed the more I hurt. I know that don't make a lot of sense but thas just how it is. Then I had my usual coffee, well several cups, and went to the store to get a few things I needed to make gumbo when I butcher the last of my standard breed chickens. As of now, that wont happen till Sunday as it is posed to rain tomorrow. But anyway, I didn't take my pain meds this morning and by noon I was hurting really bad. Just makes me miserable all day and the meds have a hard time catching up to the pain and getting it under control.
After the trip to the store I went to the summer kitchen and started cleaning the bell peppers to get them ready to slice and got the green tomatoes chopped into lil cubes to freeze for fried green tomatoes. My plan is to make a medium cornbread batter and add the green tomato cubes to fry like fritters. I am thinking this will be easier to do than trying to keep cornmeal on wimpy thawed tomatoes later. So got that all done and the peppers sliced and all of this in the freezer. While I was putting bags in the freezer, I remembered the beef fat and scraps that Rodger had brought home from the company picnic. I put those in my little pressure cooker and cooked those for Luna so she can have some good stuff when the weather gets colder. She don't eat much for a big dog and especially if it is hot outside. On the subject of dog food, most people you talk to think that dog food is better for the dogs than "people food". From what I have read on the net and other places that is just not the case. I do think God put animals here for us for a reason. So we are to care for them and make their life as good as possible. After all, my dog especially, does a lot for me. She is my guardian and the protector of the home front. And she does it very well I might add. So to me she is entitled to good quality food. I don't feed her garbage so why should I feed her just bagged dog food that has heaven knows what in it. So for this reason, when I make stock or we have leftovers that I think Luna would like, I give them to her. I know then for a fact that she has had food that is not loaded with salt and other preservatives.As matter of fact dogs require way more calcium than do humans and maybe with the cooked meats and bones she will get a good dose of calcium. Also great Pyrenees have a tendency to have problems with cartilage tears and joint problems.
After we had supper I had Rodger and Jason go pick me some apples off the tree behind the old home place. Rodger came back with only 1 -5 gallon bucket. He said there were not many on the tree and the ones he did get had some bad spots on them. He ran the apple peeler for me and I did the final trim and cutting them up and I now have 2 dehydrators loaded and a small bag left to fry. Maybe we can have fried apples and biscuits for breakfast in the morning. And a cup o coffee, yummy, breakfast of champions.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

What time is breakfast?

stella said...

lmao around 11 am if its a normal weekend lol come on over.

Deb said...

Stella, I think it's time for some more Luna pictures! I'm goin to check out some pears today. Thanks for reminding me about the peeler.

Gracie said...

Stella, Thank you for your thought on dog food, though 2 vets we've talked to told us we needed to use 'tough love' on lil Dolly, to 'make' her eat the dry stuff, she would not eat it, and we didn't have the heart to try to force her. Now she eats what we do, and we are all much happier, and fuller!

stella said...

yw gracie, ya know animals will not eat things that are bad for them. If they dont eat their dogfood its a pretty good indication there is something in there that they smell that they know is not good.

stella said...

Deb just remember to pick ya pears a couple weeks before ya intend to use them, they dont ripen on the tree. And yep an apple peeler works jus fine on pears too, but it makes funny lookin fried taters. lol dont ask how I know lol

Pokeberry Mary said...

Hey Stella... sorry you're feeling poorly--I know when I miss my pills I regret it too.

I always give Mojo something in his dog food. Usually its chicken. I just cannot believe that God gave dogs canine teeth so they could chew on nothing but dry doggy food. Doesn't make sense!

I always take experts with a grain of salt--9 times out of 10 someone comes along and contradicts them.