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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where does the dirt come from

Not only where does the dirt come from but how does it make its way all the way up the walls to the ceiling. I am a pretty decent housekeeper but gosh. I sure would have been embarrassed to die and let someone find my house this bad. Well it was too hot to be outside today and besides I didn't have anything to can today. I decided to just stay in and try to do some really late spring cleaning. Or early fall cleaning, depending on perspective. I usually try to paint the inside of the house ever year but this year it hasn't happened so far. Guess that is what inspired me to just wash the walls instead. They do look better now. So that has been my task today. I think I am about half done with that and will finish tomorrow. I might just get real energetic and clean carpets too while I am in the mood. We shall see.
Amoy finally made it home this evening from Jamaica. She went to visit family and attend a family reunion. She got back just in time to drive thru a thunderstorm getting here. We had a pretty good storm, lots of lightening, thunder and rain. Pretty sure the garden will be plenty muddy tomorrow to pick beans and tomatoes. It did cool the air for a little bit after the rain.
Rob called this evening too. He had a job interview today at Barrick where he has been doing his internship. He should know early next week if he gets the job. If he does it means he and Amoy will be moving to Nevada. He sounded kinda down when I talked to him. He told me they had 2 miners lost in the mines where he works. This is so not normal for this type of mine. This company has a great safety record. They had already done a press release when I talked to Rob. So sad to hear. I think we should say and extra prayer for the miners and their families tonight that they be found alive and well.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I will for sure say a prayer for them. Thank you for bringing that to us.

Deb said...

Prayin right now,Stella!

stella said...

Hi yall and thanks for sending prayers for the men. So sad, I can not begin to imagine what the families are going thru. From info I got it dont look good at all.

small farm girl said...

How sad. Those poor families. I will be praying for them.