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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cleaning outside

With the summer rush of canning and all, the yard and my flower beds have went to hell. The flowers bloomed and should have been dead headed weeks ago. So I went out today and got started on that. And dang it was hot too. I think I saw a guy in red running around with a pitchfork when I was outside. I had bought a pair of hedge clippers last year to use for dead heading plants. So I hit the flower bed by the front side walk first thing and clipped all them off. Then the flower bed by the driveway and last the herb bed. I had to come in and cool off between clipping each bed. The heat was just plain miserable. I had piles of clipping laying all over the place and the sky clouded and the rain hit. It didn't rain too long but it did cool off a good bit after tho. I made a kettle of chicken noodle soup and we ate and I went back out and racked up all the mess I had left. I am sure it will be fun tomorrow counting chigger bumps on me.
Just before the rain started this evening, we had a light wind blowing. The wind was blowing leaves in the yard. Just so much like it does in fall. I love fall, it has to be my favorite season. Hard to believe some of the trees are starting to lose leaves already. I kinda get a squirrel complex this time of year. I feel the urge to get things done and picked and canned and put away before its all gone. Guess tomorrow it will be back to the garden to pick tomatoes and maybe some peppers. I think I will make spaghetti sauce with what ever tomatoes I pick tomorrow. I have a good deal of ground beef in the freezer and am needing to make more meatloaf to can also.
Last time I was in the garden, I looked at my celery and I don't know what the heck eats celery but something had dug holes under the plants and ate on them and they are all gone now. Dang lil critters.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Glenn Family Gardens said...

Oh I hate the close of the garden season but I do love fall! I planted a fall garden but we will see how it does. The bugs do love to munch on a fall garden. We also got a cold front today just as I was canning so that was a nice surprise :)

small farm girl said...

Hey Stella, glad to see your garden is still going good. I miss the whole cannin experiance this year. But, I guess I'll figure something else to can sence the garden was a flop. I'm still considering trying chicken sence we have 36!

stella said...

Hi yall, gosh it seems early for trees to be losing leaves. but when I look around the signs of fall are all around. I still have a good deal of stuff in hte garden but when the corn was done and hubby bushhogged it down, it so reminded me the end is close.
I got more chickens to butcher in a couple weeks. A friend from Mississippi is coming up next week and I getto teach her how to butcher. And yep there will be somelil videos of the sucess and mis-haps as