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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finished the corn

We finally finished the corn this evening and as of right now I am in the summer kitchen getting it all canned up. I think there will be about 30 pints total when I get done. That also left a few bags of corn on the cob for the freezer. A reader had ask not long ago what I used to cut the corn off with and I use a knife. They make a gizmo that you can slide the ear of corn along and it cuts off the corn and scrapes the cob as you go. I have seen those and tried one and all I did was cut up my fingers and knuckles.  I don't care for having knuckle meat in my canned corn. Yeah I know, thas gross. So I will stick to my trusty knife. Once you get the hang of it, this method goes for what seems to me a lot quicker than the corn cutter off thingys. Maybe this lil video clip will give you some idea as to how I do my corn. Enjoy the night sounds of Kentucky, I was cutting off corn at 11 pm.

New fangled gadgets are great sometimes but most times the old fashioned ways are best for me. Or maybe I am just a creature of habit.  This will be the last of the corn for this season and now I have plenty canned up to last a long time. This particular corn was the Stowells Evergreen white normal sweet corn, an open pollinated variety. I did leave enough in the garden to be able to harvest some for seed for next season. That is if the coons and other critters don't find it.
While we were in the garden we picked another bushel of tomatoes and those get turned into juice or spaghetti sauce tomorrow. I might be able to get enough tomatoes out of our garden to can a good supply for us. In my mind I like to at least have 200 quarts of tomato juice, and another 100 or 150 of other various tomato products in the cellar. This will last us all year till gardens come in again next summer. Hopefully longer if we have a bad crop season.
I harvested the rest of my grapes today and had about 12 lb of them after they were taken off the stems and cleaned. I am thinkin these will make wine, cause I am sure 12 pints of grape jelly will be plenty for us. There is still more jelly to be made from other things this summer. The wild plums are not ripe yet, nor apples or pears. But no matter what else I make I will be buying more pint jars. It is hard to believe I have used 10 dozen pints already that I had just bought. But I think thas a good thing.
I got a call from Rob this evening and he tole me I will have Abby till prolly this weekend. Amoy flew to Jamaica to visit family and was going on a buddy pass that her sister had gotten for her. This means she was taking standby flights to and from Jamaica. Well she was hoping she had a flight out on Monday but as it stands she will not be leaving until Thursday at the earliest. Rob also tole me that he has a job interview on Thursday at another gold mine in Elco Nevada. He is hoping to get the job. If so they will be moving to Nevada this fall. Not sure I like the idea of them being so far from us but he is a smart young man and will be fine where ever he is. I think he and we were kinda wishing he could find something a lil closer to Kentucky. But such is life in the job field right now. We all just pray for the best for him and Amoy where ever they end up.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



The Apple Pie Gal said...

I too did my last of sweet corn, but I think I will have to pitch it. After I canned it up, it had a funny smell to it. If that doesn't tick ya off...what does?

stella said...

oh gosh thas awful, all that hard work. do ya think it spoiled or what? So far mine has been keeping really good. And it tastes good. Sendin ya good vibes that its ok.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well, when I went to jar up the second batch, it had a grain alcohol smell to it. So, I think it was at the end for them. It was a stretch getting it this late in the season for us, but someone gave us a bushel, so I tried. Just picked wild plums...any good recipes up your sleeve?

stella said...

OMG yes, wild plum jelly, it is the all time best of jellies. And when I have made it, the color is the most beautiful red color ever. You can also make plum butter.